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You are either not fully matured, or you are ejaculating too often.

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Q: What does it mean if I have very little semen and it's clear?
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Clear sperm or white is more effective?

Semen is the collective of sperm and seminal fluids. Clear semen has very little or no sperm, hence its lack of colour. Semen that has sperm in it, will be white.

Who does semen look like?

Semen is a whitish, cloudy liquid - it may be almost clear, or very milky and thick.

Do I have prostate cancer if I produce very little semen and it's clear?

I would probably advise to call your doctor if you have any worries about symptoms of cancer

Is sperm clear before you hit puberty?

First of all, spermatazoa (sperm cells) are very tiny body cells that can create a pregnancy in a woman. You are talking about 'Semen' which is a clear to whitish fluid that sperm cells swim around in. You do not produce semen or sperm cells before puberty. If you have a little clear semen coming out, then it most likely means that you are in the part of life called, "Puberty".

What ammount of blod or semen is needed to transmit aids?

Very little.

What does it mean if your wife has semen in her panties?

There is no way you can tell if your wife has semen in her panties and you need to study up on sexual education. Just like men, women discharge and it can be clear to yellow in color. Be very wary of accusing your wife of cheating on you by mistaking discharge for semen.

How much vitamin e is in semen?

None. Semen does have some enzymes and very little nutritional value, it is NOT a good source of vitamins, they exist in semen in very small quantities. Try vitamins.

How can you tell if white marks on underwear is semen?

It probably is semen, or perhaps pre-ejaculate, but it doesn't prove anything. Most guys get erections, and erections often leak pre-ejaculate, which is a clear liquid before the semen comes out. Or it could mean that he has masturbated, also very common.

What does it mean when your semen appears hazy?

Semen can be almost clear and watery or white and very thick. It is almost certainly normal regardless of how it appears. Age, general health, diet, any medication or drug can have an affect. The temperature, stress, anything you are exposed to can affect your body and therefore your semen. Nothing to worry about.

Why do 12 year olds produce little amounts of semen?

Because they have basically just begun puberty. When just beginning puberty at 12-years-old the semen will be nonexistent or very thin and clear. As the boy grows older he will produce more and it will become thicker. Sperm will be mixed with the semen on ejaculation and it will be a creamy white color.

What does very good mean in coin terms?

Very worn, but all major design elements are clear, if faint. Little if any central detail.

What does clear as a bell mean?

A bell has a very clear tone that can be heard from a long distance. If something is that clear, then it's very clear indeed.

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