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He might be busy with school or practice or his family. Hopfully he'll text you back. If not then he's not interested and you need to forget about him.

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Q: What does it mean if a boy doesnt text you back?
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Why doesnt the boy you like ever text you back?

He most likely doesn't like you.

What does it mean when a boy doesnt text you back?

oh my goodness... it doesn't 'mean' anything at all! he's probably busy or doing something with his family/friends. he'll get back to you soon enough geez.

What does it mean if a guy doesnt text back?

Chill out, hes a boy, he needs space. Hes probably out or just needs time off. You cant be obsessive and text all the time as he will freak out. Give him time. If he will want to text you , he will.

What does it mean when boy does text you back?

He is most definitely going to marry you. Seriously.

You met a boy for the first time and you exchange numbers and he says that he doesnt text much but he still doesnt text u just to talk to u4a couple of days and u r surehe likes you what does it mean?

You need to learn how to write words

Why is it when you text a boy then they text you back after that you text them again and they dont text back?

They may not be interested in talking to you. That's what i do when I am not intereted in talking to someone.

When a boy doesn't text back does that mean he doesn't like you?

No. He could be preoccupied, he may not have got your text yet, he may not have credit or he is thinking of a response. That is not saying that he doesn't not like you. These are only reasons of why he cannot text you back if he does like you.

What does it mean if you text a boy and they say something mean to you?

He hates you

You like a boy and you know that he likes you back but doesnt act like it in front of people what does that mean?

he is shy or he is embarrassed to be need you but he wants to

What does it mean when a boy you like stares at you when he or you walk down the hall?

It may mean that he knows you like him and he likes you back or maybe he doesnt no you like him, but he likes you anyway.

What does it mean when a boy keeps texting you?

Honestly, it means he likes you enough to text you a decent amount. Doesnt necessarily mean he LIKE likes you though. Definitely look out for other signs as well. More in-person though. Through text could be anything.

How do you know if a boy doesnt want to talk to you anymore?

A boy that does not want to talk to you anymore will not call or text as much. This boy will probably have excuses as to why he can't hang out.

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