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Usually its because hes imbaressed ir shy, but it might be that he was only looking at you and admiaring your looks but not wanting any conection.

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Q: What does it mean if a boy stares at you but when you talk to him he doesnt make eye contact?
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What does mean if a guy stares at you a lot but it seems like he doesnt like you?

He likes you.

What does it mean when a boy stares at you a lot when you're not looking?

He most likely has something for you, but is too shy to make eye contact with you.

Guy stares at you in class when you catch him he doesnt stop hes very kind to you you find out he has a girlfriend but he still stares at you anyway What does it mean?

He'd rather be with you.

What does it mean when a guy stares at you but doesnt smile?

He thinks you're acting stupid, he thinks your pretty, or he likes you.

This boy stares at you constantly but he doesnt look away?

It mean's He Has a Huge crush on you or he thinks your weird. I Rekon He has a Crush on you!!

What does that mean if the guy you like stares at you and says hi to you when you look at him?

it doesnt really mean anything.... he is just being polite.... du u get me??...

Is it true that when a boy stares at you he likes you?

no it doesnt neccessarily but it could mean that he likes you.He just wants to get your attention and for you to notice you.

If a boy stares at you all the time what does that mean?

He might be in love, and want eye contact. Or you have big boobs.

What does it mean if you asked a boy out and he said no but still stares and smiles at you and his friends starts asking you if you like him?

he likes you but he doesnt wanna make it that serious yet..... just be patient the time will come

What does it mean when a boy you like stares at you when he or you walk down the hall?

It may mean that he knows you like him and he likes you back or maybe he doesnt no you like him, but he likes you anyway.

What does it mean if a girl stares at you then you notice and you hold eye contact for three seconds and then she turns her head away from you?

wink at her

What does it mean when someone stares at you?

If the person is just staring at you and when you make eye contact with them, then that person likes you. If they keep staring at you, it means they want something. If they're glaring at you, they're mad at you.

If a guy just stares at you does he like you?

no way, he certainly doesnt, infact he might even be just looking at you, you've looked at an old guy before, right? Doesnt mean you love him!

If a girl is talking to a boy and that boy stares at you and not paying attention to the other girl what does that mean?

it means that he doesnt lyk u move on and get a life !!

If a girl constantly stares at you and when you look back she still staring at you but her face doesnt change and looks serious what does this mean?

It means that she probably likes you.

Does it mean he likes you if he stares?

It depends on what type of stare it is. If it's an evil glare, then obviously not. But if it is a kind of 'longing' stare, and when you make eye contact he looks away, then most probably yes.

What does it mean if a guy stares at you there is this guy in our college who always wants to make an eye contact with meand he has even tried to touch me so that i look at him does he like me?

of course he likes you, very much.

Why does my partner stare and i mean stare at other women when you go out together he doesnt glance he stares?

He has to look at other women, to appreciate how totally beautiful you are :-) But Seriously, make him aware that it bothers you, and point it out to him when he is doing it, and if he doesnt stop, make a point of staring at other men to affirm your point. Ask Yourself - Is it just other women whom he stares at, or does he stare at everybody in curiosity, and you only notice, when it is another women? Good Luck

What does it mean if guy stares in your eyes while he is talking?

It could mean that he's interested in you. It could also mean he's a confident guy who likes making eye contact.

If a boy stares at you and he gets his brother and he stares at you what does that mean?

You got stuff in your teeth

What does dis mean if a boy stares at you every move you make?

probably likes you,or want to get to know you.

What does it mean when you text the guy you have been having constant stares with in the eyes in class and he doesnt reply but the next day he keeps staring into your eyes and has a little smile?

he is playing hard to get and he seen you made the first move now just smile when he looks at you and stare back and wait for him to make the next move. and if he doesnt he is a player and doesnt deserve you

What does it mean when a boy stares at you?

they like you

When a guy stares at you what does it mean?

he or her is choecking you out

What does it mean if a girl stares at you a lot?

If she stares at you then it might mean that she likes you or maybe she likes someone around you or thinks you are cute.