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she likes you or you have something funny or disgusting on you

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If the boy you like stares at you and no one will end it does he like you?

yes No. He is most likely stalking you or looking at a zit. the second answer is so WRONG cuz i have no zits and boys stare into girls eyes not zits.

A group of boys is called?

A group of boys is called a stampede.

What is a group of boys called?

A group of boys is called a stampede.

When boys stare at you do they like you?

No. They are actually being rude and disrespectful. Ignore a boy who stares.

Which is correct you boys or us boys?

Well if your talking about a group of boys that ur in it would be us boys. If your talking about just some random group of boys it would be them boys. = )

What is the iconic boys?

A group of hot boys dancing

Does a guy still like you if he still stares at you?

YEAH!! Boys probably stare at you because they like you and are afraid to talk to you.

Who likes good looking emo boys?

I have no doubt that there are millions of people who like good looking emo boys.

Who were the liberty boys?

The Liberty boys were a group of colonist who rebeled against the british.A group against taxes

What is the collective nouns for boys?

The standard collective nouns for a group of boys are: a blush of boys a leer of boys a passel of boys a rascal of boys

If 2 brothers like you and their mom stares at you a lot what does that mean?

that means that the mom is not sure to let you hang out with hher boys

Why there are only 4 boys in Backstreet Boys group?

There are only 4 Backstreet Boys now because Kevin (the 5th) decided to leave the group but there are no hard feelings and he is welcome back to the group if he chooses to return.

What does it mean when a boys stares at you from the corner of his eye?

This may mean that he is too afraid to look directly at you because he knows you will see him staring at you.

Who sings the song boys will be boys?

The people or rather band that sing 'Boys Will Be Boys' are a group called The Ordinary Boys. :-)Hope this helps :D

What does it mean when a boys stares at you but does not shows that he likes you?

there are just some guys who have staring issues. check to see if he typically stares at anyone else the same way. If he doesn't and you're sure you don't just have leftovers in your teeth, it could be a clue that he likes you.

Do the boys from mindless behavior have girlfriend's?

No they do not , but they are looking.

What are the Mindless Behavior group?

The middles behavior group is a boy group following 4 boys

The Paxton Boys massacred a group of which Indians?

If you are talking about the "Paxton Boys Massacre" in Pennsylvanian, it was a group of 22 Susquehannock Indians they massacred in 1763.

A boy stares at you because he sees meet everywhere but he says he hates you?

its the same with me lol i need help with boys this boy told everyone tht he looks at me because he thinks i am a freak but he still is looking at me i mean alot and if the boy is doing tht to you he likes you does he look at u alot?its like my boy he is always looking at me and he looks away quick lol but now he is ignoring mebut he is still looking at me?

How do the boys feel about Jack's departure?

the other boys feel like they need to jack in the group. while they are building the signal fire the boys sneak off and go and join Jack's group.

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