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He likes like a friend and maybe likes you as a girlfriend at first but maybe he came out of a bad relationship wait for about 1 month if you can and maybe your just not pretty enough I know I just haven't been said no from a boy though in my whole life I had about 30 boyfriends

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He wants to go out with you! Or he likes you as a friend!!!

that he really likes you, and probably wants to go on a date with you

It means the guy possible likes you and wants to go out with you LOL

So, you both like each other ? Then be stupid! Go out already, be boyfriend and girlfriend ! <3

Very likely otherwise why would he agree to go out with you?

It means he likes you and he would probably want to go out...

If you tell your friends and they say he probably likes you, and that guys friend says you should go out with him that guy probably likes you. But sometimes it doesn't always mean that. It just means that guys friend thinks you should go out with him, like his opinion.

It could mean multiple things. I am a guy myself and am very sarcastic so it could be sarcasm. It could mean he likes you or is is saying it for fun. If you want to know exactly go to the guy and ask him.

oh guys make our heads go crazy!:) that means he's a PLAYER! .. he got a other gurl=/!

If a guy likes you, he will want to go out with you. But he could also be shy and not ready yet. Or he just wants to be friends. When he said 'I like you' he could have meant as a friend.

It means he has a girlfriend, and he has no intention to let that go. Why he says he likes you could mean different things. One, he is just trying to be nice, or two, he is trying to have his cake and eat it too. You'll find out soon enough the answer to your question.

It could mean that he does like you but because he is going through a rough patch. He cannot go to ask you out because this might worsen his situation.But is he still likes you after this then something might happen

it means he likes you but he is in a relationship but if he broke with her then maybe he would go out with you

that he wants to go uot with you but he doesngt know how to tell you.

If a girl smiles and blushes when saying hi to a guy it usually means that she likes him or thinks he is cute. She may have a crush on him and want to go out with the guy.

It could mean that he likes you(Alot of guy's will go out of there way for the girl they love) or he is just a nice guy.

ask him is he likes anyone and if he says no then ask him if he wants to go out sometime

That means he likes you and he wants to go out with you most likely. If I were you, I would not act weird around the kid or else he will get creeped out. If he throws the flirt then you throw it back. Also the guy has to ask out the girl, and if he doesn't, you probably should not go out with that guy.

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