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Sorry to put it so bluntly, but think really hard and you can answer this question on your own. Either he thinks that's the only good pic of himself, or he has a BIG crush on you. You get the idea. - a man (19)

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โˆ™ 2005-11-08 08:38:54
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Q: What does it mean if a guy puts a picture of him and you on his screensaver if he never puts any girl on his screensaver?
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Is taking a picture with a girl a good sign?

Not always. Sometimes it can just mean your good friends. But, you never know.

What do you mean by a virgin girl?

A girl that has never had intercourse.

What does it mean when a guy asks a girl for her picture?

He probably likes her.

What does it mean if a girl draws you a picture and tells you to keep it?

You keep it

What does it mean when a girl looks at you but denys it when asked?

this may mean that the girl likes you, but masking her emotions by lying. but never say to the girl that she is lying this may mean that the girl likes you, but masking her emotions by lying. but never say to the girl that she is lying

What does it mean when a girl thinks about your picture and bites her lip?

that she's picturing you in that picture with a lot less clothes on.

What does it mean when a girl haves a picture of you but you don't know?

it can mean anything most likely that she likes you but it doesn't have to mean that. if you don't know why or how she has the picture then if i were you i would worry =D

What does it mean when girls mention picture day?

When a girl mentions picture day means that she cannot wait to have her picture taken. She will probably remind everyone about picture day.

When a guy says she straight after seen a picture of a girl what does that mean?

When a guy says "she is straight" after seeing a picture of a girl it means that she is straight in nature. She has a preference of males for relationships.

What does it mean when i hug a girl but she never hugs you back?

If the girl is don't like what you do to her?

What does it mean if a boy has a picture of him kissing a girl?

opinion question...but i would think that he is interested in her

What does it mean when a girl says she is a virgin?

It means she has never had sex

If a man say to you you will never be your girl do he mean it?

Sorry to say, but when a man says you will never be his girl they mean it (at least at that point in time.) If you think you can change his mind, don't waste your time.

What does it mean if a girl plays with you by surprise?

It means that the girl you like will do something you never expected her to do. Anyway you will like it.

What does it mean when a girl you never seen before winks at you?

it means she is interested :)

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what does these symbols mean on this picture

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it means 1932

What does it mean when a girl likes you but never talks to you in high schooldoes this mean she wants me to approach her first?


What does it mean when a girl draws a picture of her flirting with a guy that isn't her crush?

It might not mean anything. It could mean that he plays an important role in your life, like a good friend. it also might mean that maybe your crush might be someone other than who you think it is! It means that they like that person. It means that a girl just drew a really cool picture.

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