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if a guy say he loves u and them he dont talks to u he is not the one for u

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Q: What does it mean if a guy says he LOVES YOU but after a couple seconds he says as a friend?
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What does it mean when your best friend say she loves you but you will never be a couple?

It means she loves you as a friend Ex:you say you love your parents right doesn't mean you want to be a couple right So that's what she means

What does it mean when you tell your guy friend i love you buddy?

It can either mean he loves you as your best friend or he loves you like more than friends.

What does it mean when a girl hugs a guy for a few seconds?


What does it mean when a guy loves your gift?

friend or subhchintak

If man said ilove you to you what does it mean?

If a guy tells you that he loves you it can mean he loves you as a really good friend and wants to get to know you more, or it can mean he really loves you and wants you to be with him Hope this helped :)

What does it mean when the girl you like is always talking with a friend or in a group when you walk by with a friend?

she loves me :p

What does it mean when your guy friend loves to show you off?

that he like u

If a friend hits you in the stomach and then your boyfriend punches them does that mean that he loves you or does that just mean that he cares about you?


What does it mean when a friend dream of a couple dancing?

the term is called deriucophemia

What does it mean when a guy your not going out with but you like tells you he loves you?

It means your his friend,But it could be more

My friend told me we're not a couple and im fine with it that way what does that mean?

Your friend is basically saying that he or she is fine with being just friends. He or she may not be ready to be a couple at this time.

What does it mean if he tells you he loves you but his friend tells you he doesn't like you?

They cannot BOTH be telling the truth.