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It means the guy has feelings for you but was too afraid to admit them.

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if you like him say it . if you don't friend zone him

If you tell your friends and they say he probably likes you, and that guys friend says you should go out with him that guy probably likes you. But sometimes it doesn't always mean that. It just means that guys friend thinks you should go out with him, like his opinion.

that probably means he likes you too. Guys can be hard to read but don't let it bother you. If he likes you, he'll do something about it.

it means the guy only likes you as a very good friend and doesn't want to jeaprodise that...sorry!

Maybe he told you he doesn't like anyone because he is not ready to tell you that he likes you. Your friends may know he likes you and he is just too shy to say he likes you. Guys tend to do that.

no i wouldn't say gay the fact is that she is biosexual which mean she likes girls n guys

When a guy is "bi"or bisexual it means that the person likes girls AND other guys.

Well ask him. Talk to him try to become friends with him. If he flirts with you he most likely likes you.

well for boys when they say "the guys" that is guy talk for "best friends" hope that helps ^_^

It probably means that your friends think he likes you. The only way you can be certain of this is if he tells you, or if you ask him.

you need to become friends with one of his friends , then you dress prettier, after that just say you like what he likes (like his hobbies and opinions). He might start liking you and you guys might date!

Is the 'I like you' them saying that they have feelings for you or just as friends ? I guess it just means that the person genuinely likes you .

When a girl says she likes you, you have to think if you like her back. Then if you do, you can think about asking her out. But if you already have a girlfriend, then tell her that you guys can just be friends. If it is a creepy girl then just say "Ok" and walk away!

it is like when people say friends or "guys"

yes, most guys say "get to know better" are too shy to outright say they are attracted to you

Umm.... I do not get the question but if what you re trying to say is "How do you ask some one out if his friend like you to" then you will have to choose and act like you do not know his friend likes you so if it turns out you do not like the guys you choose you can see still be friends with the other guys or even better ask his friend out.

Well its confusing but i think ur friends if ur talkin about urself arent really ur friends but u r their stander by so i think its best u end the frendship. I dont even understand ur ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is most likely, A. hitting on you B. trying to seduce you or C. just likes your butt size.

First : To get him you have to flirt. Go up to him with a bunch of his friends and just like put your elbow on his shoulder and lean on him and if asks what your doing then say that your tired. If he doesnt then he likes you to.

they mean that there 90% positive that he likes u

'You guys are my best friends' in French is vous les gars sont mes meilleurs amis

For sure you can say it means he isn't interested in being mean to you. That could be because he just doesn't like being mean, or it could be because he likes you in specific.

It means he likes you too and he tells his friends what to do like.... should I ask her out? or should I go and say hi?

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