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Q: What does it mean if a male hamster has dark red testicles?
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Does the male hamster use protection?

No, they don't make hamster condoms (if thats what you mean)

My mail dwarf hamster has larger lumps on its stomach what does that mean?

It likely means that maybe your male hamster is not a male,its a female and she is pregnant

What does it mean if a male hamster has a swollen buttocks?

it blows up

What does testacials mean?

I think you are refering to testicles, which are the male part of mammals that produce sperm and male hormones such as testosterone.

What does it mean if a young hamster has a swollen rear end?

If it is female, it means she is in heat. If it is male, maybe worms are the culprit. If it is a male it could be his testicles. They usually just appear all of a sudden when they become sexually mature and can sometimes be huge and could look like a swollen butt.

What does it mean when your female hamster has balls?

That your female hanster is a male hamster The pet store gave u 1 f***** up hamster

What does it mean when your female hamster lick the male hamster?

It means they saw u touch yourself last night

Are hamster dad use leas?

ya...? sure is it...coz if ur hamster has mate with the female hamster will not mate anymore..i mean when baby was born will not mate anymore...bcoz male hamster tyhink that ios the female ehamster born with other male hamster

What does it mean if a horse is castrated?

It means the male horse has his testicles removed. He is now a gelding and can not breed.

What are the hamsters scrotums?

If you mean scrotum, it is basically the male hamster's sack which is where the testes can be found. This can help determine a male from female

What does emmaculate mean?

You may mean immaculate, which means in extremely clean condition, or you may mean emasculate which means to remove the testicles of a male animal.

What does it mean when a dwarf hamster has a bump on its butt?

It probably means you have a male...the bump is likely to be a testicle