What does it mean if females and males in my neighborhood speak to my husband and not to me I am a nice person he does not speak back to the females?

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2008-04-11 04:44:37

Some people just have a friendly aura surrounding them and

people warm up to them quicker. Perhaps your husband is outside in

the neighborhood more than you are. Try making an effort and have a

neighborhood BBQ and invite neighbors over so they can get to know

you better as well as your husband. I can be out in the garden and

hardly anyone comes around or talks to me if they are (not being

rude, just busy) and when my husband is out there boy, there seems

to be a myriad of people talking to him. It doesn't bother me. I

have had a neighborhood party and found this did the trick. You

probably don't seem like the type of person to them that talks very

much and they instead choose your husband because he has more thing

to talk about then you in comparison.

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