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Most modern women of today are very independent (at least for a while for some of them) and they act more like the males have been acting by shying away from a serious relationship. Young women can want careers, have more sexual freedom and can come and go as they want and this started in the 60s when it was accepted by most of the younger society. You know "love, peace and let it all hang out!" Believe it or not this attitude of going out and working and being a more independent woman began during WWII. While the men went off to fight women had to take their jobs, but when the war was over the government snubbed their noses at the women and as much as told them to go home, cook, clean and look after their kids. The last laugh was on the government because women had come to realize that indeed they had a brain beyond doing wifely chores (not that there is anything wrong with that.) It's been a struggle, but now there are women that can take many positions in a man's career orientated world. So, pick girls that best suit your personality and when you ask them out on a date take things slow and easy. Don't let them know too much about yourself and keep them guessing. If you find a girl you are truly in love with then take it easy, treat her well, but don't spoil her and expect back from her as good as you give. If she loves you then you should have a good balance going in your relationship. Don't make yourself too available!

2006-07-30 09:31:56
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What is mean by love?

They won't of said it as a joke, if you are loved by someone your relationship is serious.

A guy said he rather cuff then pass what does that mean?

cuff: serious relationship smash: just have sex pass: sorry um next

Does pattinson want to be in a serious relationship?

Not now. He has said he is not looking for a girlfriend at the moment.

What does Je suis serieux mean?

I'm serious (said by a boy)

What does it mean when she's dating someone but says it's not super serious and when I asked her she said she's not officially committed?

She's either in an open relationship, or she's open to the thought of cheating.

When does it mean when a guy says he doesnt want to have a relationship with you but said he wants you?

He likes you but he isn't ready to have a relationship with you.

Does tom kaulitz ever would like to get married?

Tom has said he is ready for a serious relationship but marriage he's not sure of.

You Told your boyfrien that he didn't have to commitwhat did you mean?

Only the person who originally said the statement can know what their intentions were. Hearing "you don't have to commit," from a current date comes across as if the person has no intentions on establishing a serious relationship for the time being. Both people are free to see others and are not obligated towards each other in ways that a couple in a serious relationship would be.

What does it mean when a guy misses you when you are not around?

It usually means that he misses you. It depends on your relationship as to why that is. Perhaps he misses your friendship, or perhaps he misses the love of his life? If he's a co-worker or someone not involved and he said he missed you in a serious way, i'd guess he wants to be more serious to you than he is currently.

Is paula brancati dating Shane kippel?

Yes, Shane kippel and Paula Brancati are currently dating She said it herself. They are in a serious relationship

What do it mean when they say im going thro a villager relationship?

They mean exactly what they say, if they didn't, they wouldn't have said it.

I mentioned having a baby with your bf and he said we need to talk what does that mean?

Sounds to me your more serious about the relationship than he is and that he's not ready to be a father. Could be also that he feels that the both of you can't afford a child at this time. Then again it could be that he is not putting much into the relationship as he feels it might not last. Read the question you wrote does that make any sense. Do you mean You mentioned to your own boyfriend about having a baby and he said the two of you would talk about it?

What does it mean when a guy says he doesn't want you to get attached to him?

He doesn't want to commit to a relationship with you. Answer If someone said that to me that would be the end of that relationship.

Is Georg Listing engaged?

No I don't think so, he hasn't said anything. It's only been a year. He is in a relationship though and he seems to be serious about it.

What does it mean when your ex girlfriend said she wants to see it go?

It could mean that she just wants your relationship over and done with.

What does it mean if a guy says i hate you?

it depends on the way he said it, if he said like in a play way or a serious way then maybe he likes you or maybe hes jealous

Who does Dylan Sprouse have a crush on?

Dylan Sprouse is supposedly dating Danielle Glasscock. They are in a very serious relationship he has said. Cole isn't dating any one.

What is the meaning of the idiom mean business?

When you mean business, you are serious about whatever it is. "Business" is a way of saying that something is not humorous or joking, but should be taken seriously the way work is taken. You hear this said when someone is joking around in a serious situation, such as when their parents are trying to tell them something serious.

What does in a domestic relationship mean?

it really just means that you are living with someone but your not romantically linked to said person

Who said Why so serious?

the joker

What does it mean to d ream about puppies?

When you dream about puppies it is said to mean that a relationship in your life will be growing stronger. Puppies also symbolize playfulness.

So this girl has a bf but she said she might dump him and now shes not but she said she 3s me and I really like her so what should I do and we skype all the time and txt I think she likes me but idk?

If she is serious about wanting to be with you, she will end her current relationship. Getting romantically involved with someone who is already in a relationship is often a recipe for disaster.

Do you reckon thomas daley would go out with anyone?

No.He said that not until after the 2012 London Olympics. He wants to wiat till he is 18 until he starts a serious relationship.

What does it mean when a guy said that it was very sweet to get to know you?

He means that he is happy that he met you and he may be interested in continuing the relationship.

What does it mean when a guys says I'm going to get with her?

It means he wants to be with her... He wants to be in a relationship with her. I guess he wants to ask her out if he said that.