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If it did that before the fluid was done moving through it, it doen't mean anything, it was negative.

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Q: What does it mean if pregnancy test results come up positive for the first few seconds but then go to negative?
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How long after implantation bleeding will a positive test result?

I believe it may take 2-5 days in order to allow the pregnancy hormones to build up to a level where they can be detected by a home pregnancy test. Having said that, I took a pregnancy test within hours of having an implantation bleed with my son and it appeared positive within seconds!

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No. A drug test is a colored strip dipped in the urine. The person administrating the test has to let the strip sit in the cup or urine for about 15-30 seconds to ensure an accurate result. If the strip had a certain code, or color on it, then it will show either positive or negative. Either way it takes relatively the same length of time.

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The test is POSITIVE if color ( blood flow ) returns to the hand within 15 seconds, if not another site should be chosen. The test is POSITIVE if color ( blood flow ) returns to the hand within 15 seconds, if not another site should be chosen.

Could you be pregnant if you took a home pregnancy test and there was a faint positive line but it dissapeared a couple seconds later?

Yes, you could be pregnant if it's a fiant line positive and disappear because sometimes home pregnancy test can't be accurate. I think it better to get blood work checking your hcg level to find out just to be sure it's better to know early than late in the pregnancy.

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Yes. Most commonly when you are pregnant and take a home pregnancy test it shows up fairly quick. Especially if you are far enough along that your hormone levels are already pretty high.

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Positive hpt in seconds could it be a false positive i used Ept non digitial?

It's always possible to get a false positive with any test, including the tests doctors use; however, a positive result within seconds is a pretty good indicator that the test is accurate. Get ready!

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You took 4 pregnancy tests at home that came up positive but went to the er and they took one and it came up negative would you be pregnant?

You're probably pregnant, especially if the tests you took at home were labeled as early pregnancy tests. Most of the time the tests they use in ERs and Health Departments won't pick up the pregnancy until a day or two after you miss a period at the earliest. False negative pregnancy tests are pretty common, but if you followed the instructions on the box, false positives rarely happen. Two exceptions: if you waited way past the time on the box to read the pregnancy tests (I'm talking minutes, not seconds), then it's possible for a faint positive to show up and be incorrect. Also, if you took those four pregnancy tests say, a week ago, and then started your period and ended up with a negative pregnancy test it's likely you had a "chemical pregnancy (Google it)." Wait until you miss your period and go to your local health department. Most of them give free pregnancy tests and have programs for pregnant women. Some of the bigger health departments do require an appointment so you might want to call in advance. Congratulations if you are pregnant! I'm 17 1/2 weeks and it's an amazing experience! If you're not, and you don't want to be, health departments usually have a program to help women get on birth control for little or no cost. They also won't tell your parents if you're still living at home and worried about that.

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