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What does it mean if someone touches the hair on your own head?

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Define touching. Are they stroking it, are they patting it, are they messing it up. Lets put it this way whomever is being touched needs to decide if it makes them uncomfortable or not. If so then tell the toucher that you do not like it and they need to stop and if they dont your going let someone know that it bothers you. You may want to tell someone anyway, so that its known. If you dont mind then maybe they are admiring your type of hair. You decide.

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What does it mean when people touch the hair on your own head?

Well, I think that if a guy touches the hair on your head, then he wants to feel you up, but he knows not to or that he really likes you and your hair.

What does tow head mean?

A towhead is a person having a head of pale-yellow hair.A tow head is someone who is born with platinum white hair.

Would Niall date someone with short hair or long?

If you mean hair on you head, long.

What does it mean when the guy you like touches his hair?

Nothing. Hes just correcting his hair.

What does it mean when a girl touches your hair?

It's a form of flirting.

What does it mean when someone calls you a toe head?

"Tow Head" and it is used in reference to a person who has very light blonde hair

When someone tells you to put highlights in your hair at the crown of your head what does that mean?

that means to put it all the way to the root of your head

What it mean if someone touches your arm as they say see you next time with a smail?

You mean "What does it mean if someone touches your arm and say see you next time with a smile"? It means they like you.

What does sleek- headed mean?

Someone with shiny, smooth hair that lies close to the head.

What does it mean if a guy touches your hair?

it probably means that he likes you or he like the way your hair looks

What does it mean when a girl rubs your head or touches you?

It does not mean anything specific if a girl rubs your head or touches you. She may just be being friendly. If you want to know what she means, it is best to ask her.

What does it mean if someone says your head looks like pulled pork?

It means you probably have red dirty hair.

What does it mean when someone touches their face a lot?

They may be nervous or insecure.

Does a guy touching a girl's hair mean he is into her?

Yes, normally when a guy touches and plays with the girls hair this is showing love and affection.

What does it mean when a guy playfully touches your head a lot?

That he wants you to notice him probably because he likes you.

What does blad mean?

Being bald is when you have no hair on your head.

What does the body language mean if someone runs their hand over their head and then looks down?

If someone runs there hand through their hair and looks down means there feel guility about something they did or about to do.

Does a red-haired person have red pubic hair?

Some do, but just because someone is naturally born with red hair on their head doesn't mean their pubic hair is too. Some can be brown, black, or even blonde.

What does toe head mean?

I think you mean "tow head" this means a person with an unruly mop of hair, mostly blonde.

What does cheveux mean from french to English?

hair (on the head only)

Say there is a Girl in your class she hugs you and touches your hair and even when other people are mean to me she is not help interperting these things PS she touches my hair constantly?

well if your attractive looking she likes you or if u talk to her alot she probably considers u a brother and bff

What does ravenette mean?

It's someone with black hair.

What does it mean when a boy touches your hair when you don't realize?

They are definitely just messing around with you or they are doing a dare their friends made them do.

What does it mean when someone calls you a cut?

They are teliing you to get a hair cut because your hair is gross

What does it mean to have brown hair?

Doesnt "mean" anything. If someone has brown hair the dominant Allele between the two parents happened to be brown hair...