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What does it mean when people touch the hair on your own head?

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Well, I think that if a guy touches the hair on your head, then he wants to feel you up, but he knows not to or that he really likes you and your hair.

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What does Crown of the head mean?

the front part of your head. some people do corn rows on just this part of their hair

What does it mean when a guy touch your hair and said i like your hair?

He's probably attracted to you.

What does it mean when there is a bruise on your head with a sharp pain when you touch it?

Chances are you hit your head.

What does what do you touch in your head mean?

It doesn't mean anything. "Are you touched in the head" means "are you crazy?" however, as in "touched by madness."

What does je touche ma tete mean?

I touch my head, I'm touching my head

What does tow head mean?

A towhead is a person having a head of pale-yellow hair.A tow head is someone who is born with platinum white hair.

What does blad mean?

Being bald is when you have no hair on your head.

How do you get really frizzy hair?

This sounds ridiculous. I don't even think anybody should want frizzy hair. But, all you really have to do is when your hair is wet when you get out of the shower or whatever, that you touch your hair a lot.. it makes you hair really frizzy the more you touch it. That one of the main reasons that curly haired people have frizzy hair because when they are applying product or just even touching their hair makes it frizzy. Just saying this does not mean that every time you touch your wet hair means that it will go frizzy.

If you touch cocain will it show up in a hair drug test?

If you mean touch as in with your hand No. but all drugs including alcohol and aspirin so up in a hair test.

Why is my dog's head hot to the touch?

When a dogs head is hot to the touch, it does not mean that a dog is ill. Like humans, a dog reacts to the temperature changes in the environment.

What does toe head mean?

I think you mean "tow head" this means a person with an unruly mop of hair, mostly blonde.

What does cheveux mean from french to English?

hair (on the head only)

Would Niall date someone with short hair or long?

If you mean hair on you head, long.

What does out of touch mean?

When someone says that another is out of touch they mean that they are not aware of what is going on around them. Many younger people think their parents are out of touch.

What does it mean when a guy runs his fingers through your hair?

that he is trying to touch you everywhere and anywhere

What does naturally bald mean?

It means that no hair grows on the top of your head.

My head is so eachy and my hair is so thin I am loosing lots of hair- does that mean when your head is eachy you loose hair?

If you mean that your head is itchy, and that you are losing hair, the itch is definitely from the hair loss. Have your Doctor give you a thyroid test, you could have a thyroid problem that just needs medication. Or have you had a perm recently? When you have breakage from a perm, it will be very itchy as the hair grows back in. Hope that helps...:D

Why do people have curly hair?

People have curly hair because sometimes, the dead cells inside your head (your hair) may not grow evenly through. It doesn't mean that straight hair is better than curly hair, or the other way around. Don't feel bad if u have curly hair! All it is, is that your hair may not have grown evenly all the way through.

Is vanessa ann hudgens a bold star?

No, if you mean if she is bold on her head-(no hair on head)..that is indeed wrong she plenty of hair...or if you mean like a BOLD star like she very famous..if you mean that she is actually very BOLD indeed..haha !!??

Is hair really gay?

Completely. Every strand of hair is female and they all have sex together on your head. What do you mean?!

How do you get a red head?

well if you mean "how do you get red hair" then the answer is you either dye or if you are scottish or irish, then your hair is already red. if you mean how do u get a red head to date you, then how about you start thinking that red heads are no different then others and red hair doesn't affect their personality.

Why people need hair?

becasue people love hair i mean some people don't like hair and they shave it but most people like to do crazy things to there hair i mean if your on a date and you date walks in with no hair how would feel.. there is your answer if you have anymore Q's email me at

What does the curtains match the drapes mean?

This is a somewhat vulgar expression used by people when implying that they know a person does not have dyed hair because they are intimately acquainted and as such know that the hair on the person's head, the curtains, is the same color as their pubic hair, the drapes.

Does a baby having a full head of hair at birth mean that it was a late delivery?


What head lice mean?

Its when insects enter your scalp and start chewing your hair.

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