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it depends on HOW she stares at you. it could mean she likes you, but it could also mean she hates you or anything in between.

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What does necesito una amiga mean is spanish?

it means ''I need a friend''. But like a girl friend.

You are a girl and you like your friend who is a girl and you dont know how to tell her?

If she is a true friend, she would be totally fine with the fact that you both like her and are a lesbian. even if she is not, that should not mean she should ostracize you.

What does it mean when the girl you like helps you with stuff you do like passing a sharpener to her friend when she asks and the girl you like offers to help?

It can mean nothing. The girl is just trying to be helpful. If the girl smiles and looks giggly while passing the sharpener than she my like you.

What does boyfriend and gf mean?

They mean Boy Friend and Girl Friend

How do you get a girl to like you if you like her?

start hanging out with her more , and be her friend . and don't be mean to her UNLESS she knows your joking with her .

My girl friend said that I don't like your careness what is it mean?

It means she doesn't like you anymore! Get over it. :)

What does it mean when a girl thinks your cute in a brotherly way?

It means the girl thinks of you as her friend, kind of like a brother. but not as a relationship.

What does it mean when a guys says he will always consider a girl his friend?

Unfortunately this is a term that has put that girl in the friend zone. Though if you like this guy, you aren't forever stuck in the friend zone by all means. But around the time he says it, all he considers that girl as is a friend.

If a girl asks her friend to tell me If I liker her does she like me?

It depends... sometimes girls will have their friend do it but sometimes people are mean and do it to hurt people

How do you get a girl to like you if her best friend hates you?

well...ive BEEN THERE. My friend dated this guy and i HATED him. Normally the best friend know the girl best, and hate means STAY AWAY. But, you should NEVER stay away from that girl's best friend, or that girl. Be nice to the best friend. DO NOT BE all lovey dovey in front of them, because the girl may love it, but the BF will now. Friends like to get involved, so don't avoid the girl, because the friend hates you. Be near the girl when the friend is there, but try to include her. Also, you can try to just talk it out with the friend, but in a nice way. If you are mean, EVEN IF the friend is mean to you, don't be mean back, or she will hate you more. Be sweet on the BESTFRIEND. If the best friend hates you, hate means hate and she will not wanna go out with you. But since she is the BEST FRIEND, the girl you like will start liking you, and the best friend might soften up a little. ADDITION: my best friend HATES my bf but it doesnt mean anything. we just don't meet up together and if this girl likes you enough and you do above ^ then she will be able to think for herself.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a friend?

that your her friend and that she is not romantically interested in you

What does mon amie mean in english?

My friend (and this friend is a girl)

What does it mean if your friend girl tells someone she always liked you?

it means that she thinks that you like her and she likes you to

What does it mean when the person you like lot pass the phone to a girl?

That The girl you like is embarrassed and maybe likes you back.But it Shy to talk.So she puts her friend on to talk.

You like this girl and she is confused to like you or not and she asked you to be her best friend What does this mean?

im a girl and im guessing it means that she likes you a lot but isn't ready to go out with you.

What does it mean if a girl asks your friend if you like her?

well im a girl but when ever i guy wanted to ask me out of they liked me and wanted to know if i liked them back they had there friend come and ask me so im guessing this girl likes you and wants to know if you like her back and buddy if you do like her back ask you friend if she like you then if she does make the move meaning ask her out

I told this girl I like her and she responded I wish I liked you as much as you like me. What does this mean?

Unfortunately for you, it means she may like you as a friend, but no more than a friend.She's not going to be your girlfriend.

Is it ok to hug a boy with a girlfriend?

if u like him no if his girl friend is mean and lookin but a friend hug and his gf is nice well yeah

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