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What does it mean if when you turn the key to start your car it starts but then within a second or two it goes off?

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2010-09-04 21:23:34
2010-09-04 21:23:34

Do a bit more research. Unplug one plug wire and set it up close to ground. If you can still start the car, watch it. If the spark stops then the car dies it's electrical.

If not I'd guess it's a fuel problem. Had something similar happen to a 70 Stigray. Bits of rust in the fuel system had collected in the filters. They would allow initial pressure, but clog up quickly as you drove it. Worsened every time you filled it up and stired the tank.

If you can, check your fuel pressure. Keep in mind a fuel injected car can run 80psi fuel pressure! It may be able to get the initial pressure required, but not be able to keep up with the flow demands under load.

First off I'd say replace your fuel filters. It's probably time anyway.

I wouldn't recommend doing both tests in the same day. :)

When you start it again try holding the key in the start positon when it starts

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