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well you need to go and check if you are pregnant or not, It is unusual that they pill late your period.

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Q: What does it mean if you are two days late for your period but on the pill?
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You just came off the pill last month and you are 2 days late for your period for 3 days you have had this light cramping and sharp shooting pains in your overies but no blood what does this mean?

could be the onstart of your period your just late the pill most likely knocked you off track

Are you pregnant if you are on the pill and your period is 1 or 2 days late?

No you cant be pregnant ,, that's for sure . one or two days doesnt mean any thing .

What does it mean when your period is three days late and then you start spotting when you have always been regular and on the pill?

It could mean you're pregnant or the doseage of BCP is incorrect for you.

Can you be pregnant if you are 3 days late for your menstrual period?

No, if you protected yourself your fine it is normal if your period is late . But if you were not sure, you should have taken the day after pill.

If you skip a week on the pill and start taking it the following week will your period for sure come a week late?

you take the pill for 21 days and then stop taking it for 7 days. and in them 7 days you shall have your period. however, this is not a true period. then you repaet the process

What does it mean if you have been off the pill for a month and you have missed your period by 5 days?

The period is either late like it can be naturally or, if you had sex without any other protection, you are pregnant. Being off the pill for a month means you are completely unprotected. Missing one pill is enough.

If you miss a week of the pill can my period be a week late?

It is possible that your period can be late if you miss a week of the pill. It is also possible that you are pregnant.

How many days after you finish your pill pack should you get your period?


Can starting the pill before you get your period make your period late?

The pill can alter your menstruation cycle making your period late or early. Spotting is also a possibility.

You are on the pill and you are 2 days late on your period Are you pregnant?

Unlikely but still possible. Stop taking the pills and take a test

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill and your period is late?

most likely, no

Could I be pregnant if I just got off the pill and my period was a week early then next period 4 days late with shorter and lighter flow?

It's possible that you're pregnant, but an early period followed by a late period after stopping the pill is typical. Take a pregnancy test to see if you've conceived.

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