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well you need to go and check if you are pregnant or not, It is unusual that they pill late your period.

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Q: What does it mean if you are two days late for your period but on the pill?
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If you have not been using your pill right and now you are 4 days late on your period what could that mean?

your pregnant

You just came off the pill last month and you are 2 days late for your period for 3 days you have had this light cramping and sharp shooting pains in your overies but no blood what does this mean?

could be the onstart of your period your just late the pill most likely knocked you off track

You are on the pill but your period is 4 days late.?

i am taking Cilest but forgot to take one pill on the day 13 and now late 4 days in my free week

What does it mean when your period is a month late?

It can mean a few things, it can mean you are pregnant, or if you are on the pill then its the pill trying to regulate your period. It happened to me when i started the pill... but take a test just in case

Are you pregnant if you are on the pill and your period is 1 or 2 days late?

No you cant be pregnant ,, that's for sure . one or two days doesnt mean any thing .

What does it mean when your period is three days late and then you start spotting when you have always been regular and on the pill?

It could mean you're pregnant or the doseage of BCP is incorrect for you.

Can you be pregnant if you are 3 days late for your menstrual period?

No, if you protected yourself your fine it is normal if your period is late . But if you were not sure, you should have taken the day after pill.

If you skip a week on the pill and start taking it the following week will your period for sure come a week late?

you take the pill for 21 days and then stop taking it for 7 days. and in them 7 days you shall have your period. however, this is not a true period. then you repaet the process

What does it mean if you have been off the pill for a month and you have missed your period by 5 days?

The period is either late like it can be naturally or, if you had sex without any other protection, you are pregnant. Being off the pill for a month means you are completely unprotected. Missing one pill is enough.

How late can your period be if your on the birth control pill?

about three days into your 'white' section of your pills is still normal

How many days after you finish your pill pack should you get your period?


Can starting the pill before you get your period make your period late?

The pill can alter your menstruation cycle making your period late or early. Spotting is also a possibility.

Im 6 days late first month of not takin the pill im getting cramps but no period this is my first really late period?

hello, if i read correctly, it's the first month you stopped using the pill, and your 6 days late with your period. Well, possibilities are is that your body was very used to taking the pill, so it's used to the routine of you taking the pill, and getting your period whenever uour supposed to get it. It may also be because when taking the pill, your period lasts a few days shorter than the average lenght of an average woman without taking the pill, meaning yours can last from 3-4 days, while an avergare woman without taking the pill can be 7-8 days. It's possible that your cramps are coming back because you haven't been using the pill, and your period will maybe come later on. The pill also stops cramps, so without you taking the pill, your body will be getting cramps again. Other possibilities are is that when you stress a lot about something, you can get a late period, or since you haven't been taking the pill, if you are sexually active, you may be pregnant. Consult a doctor, they always know best. Good Luck!

Could I be pregnant if I just got off the pill and my period was a week early then next period 4 days late with shorter and lighter flow?

It's possible that you're pregnant, but an early period followed by a late period after stopping the pill is typical. Take a pregnancy test to see if you've conceived.

You are on the pill and you are 2 days late on your period Are you pregnant?

Unlikely but still possible. Stop taking the pills and take a test

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill and your period is late?

most likely, no

Can stopping the birth control pill delay your period?

yes.Yes, you may get your next period late after you stop the pill.

You missed a pill and your period came on usual time and forgot to take it on the last day and stopped use and Three days later bleed for four days so can this alter your period?

so my period is now 9 days late and now i have the lightest amount and brown colour discharge which is nothing really.. What does this mean :s

You have taken your birth control pill everyday but your period is 2 days late is this normal?

Yes, this is fine. Your period may change days just because of your body's natural cycle. You have nothing to worry about.

Could you be pregnant if you are on the pill but your period was a week late and was light and only lasted for three days when normally it is regular?

Its possible you may be. Do a test.

If you are not on the pill but going away and do not want to come on your period. Will your period be delayed if you start to take the pill before you are due on?

No, starting the Pill will not immediately cause a delay in your period and starting the Pill late in your cycle can cause breakthrough bleeding that can last for days or weeks. The pill will start delaying periods after taken for a full cycle, depending on the hormones and your reaction sometimes it takes a couple cycles.

I was on the pill for months stopped had a normal period then a lot of sex i had signs of pregnancy and my period was 9 days late and light could i be pregnant?

Call your doctor or healthcare provider

Could you be pregnant if you have been off the pill for five months and now your period is seven days late?

It is posible, but keep in mind that anything could make your period late, some girls that dont eat regulary get their period late. Ask a doctor or take a home pregnancy test.

Can your period be late after stopping the pill?

My answer is two-fold. First, If you mean if you stop taking the pill on a saturday, is it normal for it not to come until sometimes almost a week later, then yes, its normal. Most women dont get theyre period after stopping the pill for 4-5 days. Secondly, if you meant can your period be late after not taking the pill for a few months, the answer is also yes. The pills keep you on a regulated cycle, and once you stop taking them your body will probably revert to a slightly less normal cycle, depending on your body mass, and estrogen levels etc.

What happens if your period is late and you are on the pill?

you probably missed a couple, go back and check your pill pack.