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What does it mean if you have a blood shot eye and can see all your veins?


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== == The eye has been irritated by something. Redness is a sign of a unhappy eye, one that has been exposed to too much of something, such as dust, wind, lack of sleep, or too much alcohol drinking. Other causes could be exposure to welding flash, chemical fumes, or even harsh shampoo or soap. Treatment is simple.........warm water bath of the eye, with repeated applications of warm water. Cover the eye, and rest in a dark place, with BOTH eyes closed for an hour at least. Conjunctivitis is the technical term for red eyes. It can also be the result of allerfies, a virus like a cold, or caused by a bacteria like "Red Eye," an irritation or injury, or a serious infection. If you wear contacts remove them until the condition is entirely cleared up. If you normally wear eye makeup, discontinue and discard it. I would use eye drops rather than plain water. Often children bring bacterial "Red Eye" home from school with them. It is spread by hand contact, and can effect all members of the family. Red eye is characterized by redness and a discharge from the eye. Your family doctor can treat Red Eye with mild antibiotic drops. If the condition persists more than 1 day, or you have pain, or the eye tears excessively or is sensitive to light, or the redness is growing worse, I would see an optometrist ASAP. Don't trust your family doctor to treat eye conditions. I did, and almost lost an eye because he mis-diagnosed a serious eye infection as "just irritation from your contacts."


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Your veins are running all throughout your body with blood running through them. And all the veins are connected the the heart.

all veins carry blood if you mean the only vein to not carry deoxygenated blood it is the pulmonary artery.

The pulmonary veins are the only veins in the body that carry oxygenated blood. Like all veins the blood in the pulmonary veins travel toward the heart.

veins are blood vessel carrying blood toward the heart; postnatally, all veins except the pulmonary carry dark unoxygenated blood.

Blood vessels are of two types - Veins and Arteries. Arteries carry blood away from the heart. Veins carry blood back to the heart. All animals have veins and arteries.

veins, arteries and capillaries are all called blood vessels or blood streams.

no they dont have veins Yes, fish have veins. Fish have blood an veins are the necessary ways for all living beings to have their blood circulated throughout their body.

Blood is always going through the veins. The blood vessels are always containing blood all the time. If this wasn't the case, the areas without blood in the veins would produce dead tissue.

Technically, yes, all arteries and veins contain oxygen, since blood is in your arteries and veins, and blood has oxygen.

All veins carry blood to the heart, but the difference between the pulmonary vein and all others is that the pulmonary transports oxygenated blood to the heart. De-oxygenated blood flows through the other veins.

All of them. Veins carry blood from the body to the heart, arteries carry blood from the heart to the body.

Your heart pumps blood into your veins, which go all threw your body. If the blood stops moving you die.

Yes, the pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart. All other veins carry deoxygenated blood.

all veins except for the pulmonary veins are low in oxygen

Nope, some veins carry unoxygenated blood back to your heart.

all the sugar go through your veins and from your veins to the blood and the blood to the heart

The heart or in close proximity to it, as that is where all your blood passes through and as such, all your veins, arteries, etc. are in some way connected to it.

No. All veins are carry de-oxygenated blood. Veins carry de-oxygenated blood to the heart so that the heart in turn can pump that de-oxygenated blood to the lungs where they will become oxygenated.

In all cases except one, veins carry deoxygenated blood. The exception is the pulmonary veins which carry oxygenated blood to the heart from the lungs. Veins ALWAYS carry blood to the heart.

No, only in the systemic (body) circuit. The pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood.All veins carry blood to the heart. The pulmonary vein carries oxygen rich blood to the heart from the lungs.

the same thing all veins do, it returns blood to the heart and circulation , arteries take blood to the body

Right auricle which receives deoxygenated blood from all parts of the body from veins.

The blood in our heart is carried to all parts of our body. The heart pumps the blood, and the blood is carried by veins. The veins are all over our body. They have a system; out to our body, and back to the heart.

They bring the already-circulated blood back to the heart. The pulmonary veins bring blood from the lungs to the heart, and all the other veins bring the blood from the rest of the body.

Yes, they do. All of the blood vessels do.

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