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What does it mean if you have been dreaming of a white demon?


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May 14, 2012 9:08PM

If the dreamer follows a certain Islamic tradition, this dream could means that you fear influence of the white demon of the Sharim. I recomend that you read the qua'ran for it will provide you with the strength and

guidance to overcome. Praise Allah

A different answer:

The meaning of this dream, as with all dreams, is unique to the individual dreamer and depends on that person's association with the image of "a white demon." If the dreamer comes from an ethnic or religious tradition in which a white, evil, supernatural being is believed to exert power over sinners, then the answer given above could apply. But if the dreamer is a fan of the rock group "The Killers," the dream could refer to their song, "A White Demon Love Song." A related but less specific meaning could refer to the contemporary slang term "white demon" denoting a person who only pretends to be a friend.

> Historically, the Aztec people called invading Europeans "white demons," anticipating the destruction of their civilization in the 16th Century. This suggests the possibility that the dreamer might have nightmares in which a racist, bigoted or authoritarian superior could be represented by a white demon.