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It means you have a leaky heater core. You may also find the front passenger floor wet with engine coolant.

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Q: What does it mean if you have steam coming out of your vents when you have the heat on?
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Why is smoke and water coming out of air conditioner on a 1998 dodge neon?

I assume you mean smoke and water are coming from the A/C vents. I suspect you are seeing steam and coolant. You probably have a heater core leaking.I assume you mean smoke and water are coming from the A/C vents. I suspect you are seeing steam and coolant. You probably have a heater core leaking.

What does mist coming from car ac vents mean?

That "mist" is more than likely coolant steam coming from a leaky heater core. Replacing the heater core is your best option.

What does it mean when no air is coming out the vents?

The air is off.

Steam comimg out of vents on a 2001 dodge ram truck?

If the vents are inside the cab of the truck, this could mean you have blown your heater core.

What is the meaningof the word steam?

It mean water evaporate from the heat.

What does it mean if a burning smell is coming from the air vents and now the air and heat do not work?

i would get some one to check that out it sounds pretty scarry! i would stay out of that room for a while.

What does the icons mean on the dash?

Fuel level, heat or air conditioning up, both high and low, high only, floor only. Center vents are for air conditioning output only, no heat. Heat is designed to blow out side and floor vents only. NOT center. Center is only for air conditioning or summer vents.

Does steam has highest latent heat than boiling water?

Boiling water has a lower latent heat than steam. Steam is the transition from liquid to gas for boiling water. If by boiling water you mean liquid water at the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius then yes, steam has a higher latent heat.

What does it mean when radiator fumes are coming through the vents in a 1995 corvette?

Generally, with that smell- the heater core has gone bad.

What does it mean when antifreeze smelling white smoke is coming from defroster vents and engine is overheating?

heater core is shot and you have to get a new one

What does it mean when a refrigerant is giving off heat?

From the vents or from an AC line? If you're tracing your lines, and you feel heat coming off of the smaller lines, that's normal... refrigerants gets heated and superheated as it cycles.. the operation of AC is a series of heat exchanges.If you're getting it out of your vents, then there's a condition in your system which is preventing the AC system from providing sufficient cooling. It could be a number of reasons why, and AC diagnosis really isn't a do-it-yourself task.

Can steam coming from your car engine mean you are low on oil?

if it's coming from the tail pipe or an exhaust leak, it means you have a blown head gasket!

What does it mean if You have steam coming from your heater outlets whilst driving?

Essentially, it means you are screwed. Shouldn't have bought a jeep.

What does it mean when no air is coming out of the heating vents in your car?

Bad blend door, blockage in the duct system, or defective blower motor are all possibilities.

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Why your Isuzu Rodeo 1996 is not air coming out the vents and blowing still working?

Jammed blend door or blockage in the ducts if you mean to say air isn't blowing through at all.

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