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An "IQ" test is supposed to be an approximation of your 'mental' age compared to your 'physical' age. It's validity is broad, at best, especially with the very young or old. A 145 would mean 145% of a standard 14 year old - - about 20.3 yrs.

AnswerIQ test scores are arranged on a bell curve and a score of 100 should represent the mean, or average, score of those tested. In other words, half of those taking the test should score lower and half should score higher. A score of 145 means that the testee scored higher than approximately 99% of those who took the test. Age is not a factor on a properly constructed IQ test.

However, American Mensa does not inform test takers of their IQ when they take the Mensa exam, only that they have passed or failed. To know that a 14 year old scored a 145 on the Mensa exam would thus not be possible.

AnswerThe previous answers are interesting, but there are some inaccuracies, and neither put forth a straightforward, simple answer.

If you have a score, and you have taken a Mensa test, then you have taken the "Mensa Home Test" (MHT). The MHT is not suitable for admission to Mensa (primarily because it is unsupervised). For that same reason, while your score is moderately interesting, it can't be compared to a score on a supervised IQ test. It's got the same problem as most of the internet IQ tests people claim to do so well on. It's just not a trustworthy result.

With all of that, a high score on the Mensa Home Test (and 145 is a high score) does suggest that you would get in to Mensa if you took their supervised test. As one of the previous answers indicated, the Mensa admission test no longer provides an IQ score -- it's only a pass/fail.

One other thing. The meaning of an IQ of 145 varies, depending upon the IQ test you've taken. Anyone who claims to have an IQ of 145 must be prepared to say exactly on which test this score was achieved. On some tests, a score of 145 would be achieved by about 1 in every 50 people (the top score in a large classroom of people; that's the Mensa standard of the top 2%). On other tests, a score of 145 would represent someone of truly exceptional intelligence. Such a score would be achieved by only 2 or 3 people in a large big-city high school (1 in 1000, or top 1/10 of 1%)


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Because of differences in test score interpretation they no longer accept just an "IQ Score" from a test. Candidates for membership in Mensa must achieve a score at or above the 98th percentile on a standard test of intelligence. This means that you must score as well, or better than 98% of the people taking the test.The reason that they no longer accept a simple "IQ Score" is that the standard deviation of one test is not equal to other tests. This being said it means that there is really no way to compare scores of one test with another. People may score 140 on on test, but score 130 on another totally different test. There would be no way to compare these two scores to interpret which score was higher. Some tests maximum score is less than another test's maximum score making it appear that a person scored lower than other people who took the other test. If you scored 140 and I scored 170, but we took totally different tests you may have actually scored higher than me. If your test maxed out at 145 score and mine maxed our at 300 my score would then appear to be significantly lower...Hope this helps...

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