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What does it mean if a guys tells a girl she is gorgeous?

He likes your looks.

What does it mean when the wrong guys are attracted to a girl?

it may mean that the girl is attracting the wrong type herself by what she is doing/saying or wearing. generally guys are attracted at first by the way the girl looks and if she is sending the wrong messages then the wrong guys will notice her more than the right guy

What does it mean when a guy looks at a girl on and off?

Either you look very disturbing, or hes crushing.... but from a guys perspective.... he is most likely crushing on said girl

What if a girl flirts with other guys but looks at you while shes doing it what does this mean?

it means she likes u and is trying to impress u :) x

What does it mean when a boy looks at you and the girl looks back at him?

Well I have a guy in my class and he looks at me all the time! and I look at him he really cute and he likes me and I like him so it probably means you guys BOTH have feelings for each other

When I stare at this girl she looks at me and looks away quickly and then after a few seconds looks at me with a smile what does it mean?

When a girl that looks at you can then acts shy can mean a few things. The girl might just want to be friends or she might like you.

What is a guy thinking if he looks at a girl whenever she walks past him and does that mean he is interested?

feel the vibes sometimes guys look at girls because it is our nature

What does Shy Guys face look like?

the person looks like a hungry person. they dont know what to say to a girl if thats whta u mean

What does it mean if a girl is gay for guys?

It's a silly expression that means she likes guys.

What is the mean painted girl?

it looks like a girl that is very mad..........................................

How come girls give you mean looks and guys smile at you?

The girls are just jealous of you and the guys probably like you.

What does it mean when a girl stares at another girl and then looks away when she looks at her?

It could mean anything. Like maybe they didn't want to meet eyes or it was awkward.

What does it mean when a guys just stands there and looks at you with no saying?

He's speechless or in shock

What does it mean if a girl looks at me but as soon as i look at her she looks away?

it could mean she likes you... or it means nothing at all

When a guy looks at a girl what does it mean?

They have the same interests

When a guys balls drop does that mean he can get a girl pregnant?


What do guys mean when they ask a girl if they are soft?

It means if they are weak

Do guys like perverted girls?

Personally I whould reather a girl be respectful and not love me fore my body I mean it's fine to like a guys looks but you Shuldnt be obsessed with his body you need to look at his personality and see what he's into more guys probebly like girls like that

What if a girl looks at you what does it mean?

If some girl look me so my mean that see was finding some extra ordinary in me.

Do guys care if a girl has a perfect body?

Sadly, there are some guys that do care if a girl has a perfect body. That doesn't mean every guy is like that.

What does it mean when guys looks over his shoulder at you?

He's either paranoid, or he likes looking at you.

What does it mean for a guy to say a girl looks innocent?

it means that he thinks she looks like a virgin

What does it mean when a girl acts flustered and looks away when a particular guy looks at her?

it means she likes him

If a girl looks at you and you look at her and she quickly looks away does that mean she likes you?

Yes, normanly.but if she looks at you in a dising way, it means no!

Why are girls so mean to guys?

If a girl is mean to a guy they probably like you. just like if a guy is mean to a girl. it works both ways.