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Overdrive off

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Q: What does it mean od off means on your 2003 Dodge Dakota means?
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Engine code p1494 for 2003 dodge Dakota what does it mean?

Trouble code P1494 means: Leak detection pump pressure switch or mechanical fault

What do the dashboard warning lights mean in a dodge Dakota?

There are many types of warning lights on the Dodge Dakota. In order to know what a specific light means we need to know which light it is and what year the Dakota is. 2000

What does code 44 mean on a 1991 dodge dakota?

Diagnostic code 44 means: Battery temperature sensor voltage out of range.

What does diagnostic code 16 mean on a Dodge Dakota 5.2 motor?

Fault code 16 means: Loss of battery voltage.

What is code 55 mean on a 1993 dodge Dakota?

Code 55 is end of message. That means the computer is finished showing codes.

What does code 54 mean on a 92 Dodge Dakota?

code 54 means there is no signal from the pickup coil aka ( cam sensor ) to the pcm.

What does p done code mean on a 2002 dodge Dakota?

Done means that the system is done flashing codes. If that Is all it flashed, there are no codes.

What does code P0136 on a Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 pick up mean?

PO136 on a 2000 to 2003 Dodge Dakota (It may be true for other year Dakotas) means "Downstream oxygen sensor circuit problem (left cylinder bank)". This is the oxygen sensor that is located just past the catalytic converter on the driver's side and measures the oxygen level after the exhaust has passed through the catalytic converter. I

What does Dakota to decatur mean?

Dakota to Decatur means some lyrics from a song.

What does the name Dakota mean?

Dakota means 'friend' or 'allies' in Sioux language.

What does code p0734 mean on a 2003 Dodge Durango?

Trouble code P0733 means: Incorrect gear ratio, fourth gear

What does the name Dakota mean in Indian?

Assuming Native American(Cree specifically), Dakota means ally, friend.