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A prospective student is a person who is likely to become a student. The term is common in the college admissions process when referring to high-school graduates who have been accepted by a college or university but who have not yet committed to the school.

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Q: What does it mean to be a 'prospective student'?
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What does prospective student mean?

A prospective student is someone who is considering attending that school in the future.

What advice would you offer to a prospective student to abroad?

get laid

If A verbal agreement between a prospective student-athlete and a summer coach that the summer coach will represent the prospective student-athlete in all matters relating to basketball will jeopardiz?


Ncaa divisions you and i coaches may contact prospective student-athletes by telephone during an ncaa certified event as long as the prospective student-athlete has finished competition for the day?


When do you fill out a prospective student athlete questionnaire?

Junior Year or beginning of Senior

What is a prospective mean?

'A prospective' is 'biker' talk for a person who wishes to join their organisation.

What does 'a list of prospects' mean?

I believe its short for - a list of prospective whatever, as in prospective buyers.

How do you spell prospective?

The correct spelling is prospective, as in: The prospective candidate had a strong math education. Or if you mean perspective, as in: My perspective of Mrs. Wood differed from my friend's perspective of our teacher.

A prospective student athlete will lose college eligibility if he or she pays to participate in a pool for the NCAA championship tournament?


How do you get into Queens University in Canada?

The requirements for admission to Queen's University depend on the program that the prospective student wishes to apply for, and it also depends on the province from which the prospective student wishes to apply. Please see the General Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Admission page, in Sources and related links below.

What do you mean by university student?

A student at a university college.

What does a ideal student mean?

an ideal student is a student with greater visions and ideas...

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