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What does it mean to be apostolate in Catholic faith?


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April 30, 2009 10:13AM

Union of Catholic Apostolate is a Catholic association established by a Roman priest St. Vincent Pallotti in 1835. Its main task is to revive faith, rekindle love and unite efforts of all the faithful for the salvation of souls. A characteristic feature of the Union is the equality of rights and duties of all its members, be it religious, ordained or the lay faithful. All exercise the apostolate of Jesus Christ in the Church and in the world. What differentiates the members is the variety of vocations and callings they live. The Union was officially recognised by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an international association of the Catholic Church on 28 October 2003. Its Statutes were then approved provisionally (ad experimentum) for the period of five years. The current President of the General Coordination Council of the UAC is Mons. Seamus Freeman.