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To make them pregnant.

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Q: What does it mean to knock someone up?
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What does it mean to knock up in tennis?

knock up Verb1. Also: (knock together) Informal to make or assemble quickly: my boyfriend can knock up a wonderful lasagne2. Brit informal to waken: to knock someone up early3. Slang to make pregnant4. to practise before a game of tennis, squash, or badmintonNounknock-upa practice session at tennis, squash, or badminton

How do you knock someone out in gta 5 Xbox?

If you are sneaking up behind them, an unarmed melee attack will knock them out.

Is there even one funny knock knock joke in the universe?

Yes there is! Try this one. Go up to someone and tell them to say "Knock, Knock". When they say "Knock, Knock", you ask, "Who is there?" I love that one!

Knock knock who there up up who?

Knock knock. Who's there? Up up. Up up who? Up up and away. Here is another one for you. Knock knock. Who's there? Canoe. Canoe who? Canoe tell me another knock knock joke?

How do you knock someone out with just an easy pressure point?

There is no 'easy' way to knock someone out. Even a pressure point requires a hard strike to knock someone out.

How do you knock someone out in gta 5?

If you have PS3, it is quite simple to knock someone out. Press down on the left joystick(L3) and sneak up to them. When you are close press O and that should knock them out. Be sure to increase stealth stat, that could help a lot.

Can a bear hug knock someone unconscious?

It CAN knock someone out because of the pressure applied to the lungs in the back.

What episode does luffy find out where babies are from?

He wouldn't know even if he managed to knock someone up...

Knock knock l l who?

knock knock, whose there "FBI OPEN UP" "fbi open up" who? OH WAIT RUNNNNNN

What does knock knock on wood mean?

Knock on wood means you are hoping that it happens.

What does koko mean in botswana?

It means knock, knock!

How do you knock out someone?

fart on them kiss there butt and say "whats up baby" wanna make out have fun

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