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What does it mean to waive a no trade clause?


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May 17, 2015 7:32PM

Major League Baseball players as a result of signing a contract with a team will typically request a no trade clause of some kind sometimes they are full no trade clause which prevents them from being traded to any team without their permission and sometimes they are limited no trade clauses which only prevents them from being traded to anywhere around 10-15 teams, waiving a no-trade clause typically means a baseball player has a no-trade clause of some kind in their contract and they are waiving it in order to be traded to a team.

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April 12, 2009 11:04PM

Many establishedl players have a 'no trade' clause, or amendment, put into their contract that states the team may not trade the player to A) any team or B) to a select number of teams, usually poor teams. To waive the no trade clause means to make it null and void, in other words, as if it wasn't in the contract. This is usually done by the player and usually when the player is playing for a poor team and a good team wants to acquire him. The player will waive the no trade clause and allow the trade to occur.

Many times the team the player is traded to trades young, minor leaguers in return for the player. Both teams benefit from the trade. The team the player is traded to will have another good player to aid them in making the playoffs that season. The team the player is traded from will get some young players that will help them in the future.