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What does it mean when a cat has cold back paws?


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My primary concern in a cat would be a saddle thrombus in which a blood clot at the end of the spine is cutting off blood circulation to the back legs. This is a medical emergency that can result in hind leg paralysis or death if not treated by a veterinarian very soon.


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Puss is a reaction to an infection. If your cat has sores on its back paws that are leaking puss, your cat needs to be seen by a veterinarian.

He/she probably does not want you touching his paws and they maybe hurt...

When your cat is in heat she keeps bouncing her back paws like she's walking only with her back paws.

If your home is on the cool side or your cat is outside in the cold then it's like you walking around without shoes on. Their feet get cold! However, if this isn't the case please take your cat into the vets in case your cat has a circulatory problem or heart problem.

What...? Even I don't understand that. It is a dwarf kitten, its back paws have a joint and knuckles like the front paws have. It can grip my finger with his back paws, less confusing?

it is a cat with extra toes. For example: if front paws have 6 or more toes, or if back paws have 5 or more toes it is concidered a hemmingway

No, a cat does not have retractable paws it has retractable claws

From my experience a cat 'spreading it's paws' is just part of his/her happy yogic stretching!!

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Cats have both claws and paws on their feet.

If a cat feels that it's too cold outside they will want to come back inside the house

18. 5 on each of the front paws and 4 on each of the back.

it means your cat has a cold or it has water in its nose.

It lies on its belly pushing back on its hind legs creating a large amount of resistance. When it wants to pounce it releases its front paws and the springs with its back legs whilst lifting its front paws.

If you mean the big cat then warm :) but if you mean a tiger salamander then it's cold

this is to be determined by your vet, if your cat is diabetic, the vet will know by the cat's water intake, or if the cat is sliding its back legs or clumping of kitty litter between its paws.

the cat is swelling because it ate large amounts of yeast and cement

Paws. All members of the canine and cat have paws.

no but it has paws . But some cats if you see they use their front paws to hold some things like a ball etc in a way you can call the front paws hands of the cat

There is nothing to worry about. Cats like to dip their paws in their water dish to wash their paws and etc. In your situation your cat must of dipped his/her paws in their water and touched your head when his/hers paws were still wet.

Each cat has four paws, so 23 cats should have 92 paws total.

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