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The creditor is asking to be excluded from the bankruptcy. If that is granted the debt will be valid and the creditor can resume collection action.

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Q: What does it mean when a creditor files a motion to release?
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What does it mean a hearing for motion to release?


What is a Motion for Stay?

Do you mean motion for relief from stay? The automatic stay is placed into effect when someone / something (entity) files a bankruptcy petition. It is essentially an injunction preventing creditors from taking most actions to enforce their claims. A motion for relief from stay asks the court for permission to take action to enforce claims. It is most commonly filed to permit the creditor to enforce a lien / security interest.

In a bankruptcy what does it mean if a creditor filed a motion to release because you got behind on your mortgage?

The lender is requesting to be removed from the bankruptcy procedure. If the request is granted the lender can foreclose on the property or take whatever action is allowed under the laws of the state where the property is located.

What does a motion for the release of records mean in court?

It means that a motion (a legal request to the court) has been made to ask the judge to release some kind of records. The judge can either grant or deny the request (motion).

What is mean by Sundry Creditor?

It is the company expenses.

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What does hindering a secured creditor mean?

Hindering a secured creditor means hiding or concealing property that is theirs. It can also mean not releasing information about a debtor that you would know.

What does it mean to be in danger of judgment?

Means a judge's order you must pay a creditor. A creditor with a judgment can have your wages garnished to repay the debt.

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