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You're a Uni student mate, you figure it out.

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Q: What does it mean when a female professor in her late 20s blushes with you while asking you if you are ok if you are a male college student?
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Two options here:A high school student is asking - In this case, if you need the book, it will be assigned to you. Use it.A college student is asking - In which case, this can only be answered by your professor or the syllabus he gave you.

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The word you are asking about is inundated. A good example sentence using this word is, "The college student was inundated with homework her last semester of college."

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What does it mean if a female computer programming college professor blushes dark red with only you if you are a guy?

Well then that means she likes you, if the question you are asking applies to you. All girls blush when they are around guys they like and we tend to get really nervous. There is no such thing as a girl who doesn't blush around the guy they like. Maybe, another little hint is that when she comes and helps you she gets closer than usual, eh? So yes, she fancies you.

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