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It most likely means that she is pregnant.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl misses her period?
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Is it possible for a girl to miss her period?

Ofcourse,and if she misses a period this doesn't mean that she's pregnant.

What if a girl misses her period and the pregnancy test is negative?

You don't always have your period. Just because you don't doesn't mean you're pregnant.

What if you miss your period for 2 months?

What happes if girl misses her period for 2 months is she pernant

What does it mean when a girl says she misses you?

That would simply mean she enjoys being around you and misses you.

What does it mean when an ex girlfriend sends you a text message after a period of no contact?

she misses you

What happens if a girl miss her pie rd?

Not sure what a pie rd is...but if she misses her period, it probably means she's pregnant.

What does the song I miss you from blink182 mean?

He is talking about how he misses a girl... it's pretty self explanitory.

What does And I miss you like the deserts miss the rain mean from Missing by Everything But the Girl?

It means she misses the person just as much as the deserts misses the rain.. You know, cause there's no water in the desert...

Would an unmarried girl be called miss or misses?

One unmarried girl is Miss. Two unmarried girls are Misses.

If a female misses her period does that mean shes pregnant?

not neccesarily ========================== If you miss your period you may or may not be pregnant. Get a home pregnancy test at the drugstore.

If a girl misses period is she pregnant?

It may be one cause but other factors such as weight lose or stress can play a part, best thing is to go doctors.

When a girl Instant Messages you and the first thing she tells you is she missed you does that mean she likes you?

nope it just means she misses u

What does it mean if the girl has pain during her periods?

It is normal to have pain when a girl is on her period. When a girl is on her period, she usually has pain in the stomach, head or back.

What do the guy do when the girl tell him she misses him?


What does it mean when a girl laughs at you while blushing brown when you tell her you miss her?

she doesn't know what to say shes embarrassed but she misses you too.

When a girl misses you?

When a girl misses you it can mean many things; she's lonely, she has some need that you were filling, she maybe keeping you on the back burner for when she's ready to reestablish the relationship, she could be trying to make someone jealous, she may actually be missing you. Take your pick, you're the one who knows her.

What does it mean when a girl bleeds from their vagina?

They had there period?

What does it mean when a girl nipples are sore?


What does it mean when a guy mean when he says he misses holding you?

It Means He Misess You . He Misses Hugging Kissing Ect .

Is there any long-term affects or concerns to take into consideration if a girl misses her period and is a virgin?

There are no long-term affects or concerns because a period can be late for different reasons such as stress, eating a different diet or even exercising.

Song about a boy with a girl who misses his ex?

Cheated on me!!!

How do you reply when a girl says she misses you?

i miss you too

Can a girl tell the guy she misses him a lot?

yes she can

When he writes I miss your smile what does that mean?

I spose it means exactly that, he misses it when you smile, misses the happines it brings him.

What does it mean if a woman misses her period this month and get it next month?

it matbe stress weght gain loss or an indication that she is having an irregular cycle and wait