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It appears both parties in this are feeling shy and awkward and there are no direct signals as how the girl really feels. Take a chance and ask her out if you really like her. Good luck!

2006-08-12 20:12:51
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When you say hi to a guy then he says hi back then looks down and smiles?

he throws a baseball bat at you

How do you tell if a boy likes you when he just smiles and looks down when smile at him?

Well, if he looks down when you smile at him, he might just be shy...

What does it mean if you're talking to a girl and their is a break in the conversation and she looks down but you keep looking at her she then looks back up smiles at me then giggles?

Im sure it means she likes you : ) or thinks ur cute

What does it mean when you look into the guys eyes and then he smiles and looks down and then looks at you again'?

It means that he likes you but doesnt know what to do... he probally thinks that you are about to say something or do something that yall may like. lol, like a kiss or a ask out on a date kind of thing.

When you tell a guy you like him and he says im flattered..what does it mean?

it means he happy to know so . but it doesnt necessarily mean he feels the same way . if he blushes and smiles , looks down , or away , seems nervous , ect. he most likely likes you back . if he seems cool about it and doesnt look nervous or suprised , hes just glad to know .

What does it mean when a girl makes eye contact and smiles and then looks down keep smiling?

When a girl makes eye contact and smiles and then looks down and keeps smiling, it may mean that she likes you, but is a little shy. She may also look down because she doesn't want you to think she was staring at you.

What does it mean when a girl smiles at me from a distance but looks down when she is near me?

When a girl smiles at a guy and then looks down it usually means she likes the guy or thinks he is cute, but is shy and maybe embarrassed. She may have a crush on the guy and want to go out with him, but feels shy and embarrassed when around him.

What are some body language signals a guy would give if he likes you?

he smiles and looks down alot

Just before han solo is dropped into the carbon freezing chamber in the empire strikes back leia tells him she loves him what is han's response?

He looks down at her, smiles, and says 'I know'.

What does it mean when a guy looks you up and down then looks eye contact and smiles?

They are most likely interested in you.They may think you are very attractive.

What does it mean if a guy smiles at you in the hallway and looks down?

There is no right answer to this question. However, from experience, he may just be shy.

Your laying on the couch with a girl you like and her head is on your chest how do you make the move to kiss her?

ok this is easy... all you have to do is look down at her face and smile at her and when she looks back up at you, lift her chin up and lean down and kiss her! hopefully she will kiss back and move in closer. Also make sure that when she first looks at you that she smiles back or does something to show that she likes that fact that your looking at her. Good luck!

What is the song with the lyrics she looks so sad in photographs you absolutely love her when she smiles?

Three Doors Down - Story of a Girl

What does it mean when a guy looks at you smiles and looks down for like 2 years but never talks to you?

Nothing, If her doesn't come over introduce himself and ask you your name loose him.

The backseat of a 1995 LeSabre looks like it folds down but you can't figure out how?

it doesnt.

Does a boy like you if he smiles and looks down whenever you look at him?

Your talking about a smile, that doesnt necessarily means he likes anyone. Of course any guy that sees two girls checking him out is going to smile and think he's a stud. Why not get it over with and say Hello and introduce your self. Then you will have your answer.

What do you do when your not sure if you like this boy or not?

This always work 1st you stare at the perfect guy if he stares back he likes you if he looks down quickly and smiles that means that he likes you but don't want to show you if he just looks away that mean that he doesn't like you and if he look around the room he likes you finally if he looks at you and start laughing that means that he likes you as a friend.

What does it mean when this girl smiles at me from a distance but when she is near me she looks down or straight does she like me?

It might mean that she likes you but she just gets nervous when she's around you.

What does it mean when a girl looks you up and down and then smiles at you?

usually means she likes what she sees. not that she wants the d unless she starts acting slu tty afterwards

When he looks at you i look back then he quickly looks down?

It means that he was looking at you but didn't want you to know that he was looking at you.

In football what does the quarter back do?

looks for the wide receiver for a touch down

If a boy was looking up and down at you when you had your back to him and you turn around and he looks to the ground does tht mean he is checking you out?

NO. it just means that he thinks you are full of yourself, and if he doesnt look at the ground you will think he is checking you out. you are VAIN, honey.

Can people just throw up but it doesnt come up and it goes back down your throat?

Only if you close your mouth and swallow it goes back down

When you jump why does gravity pull you back down?

gravity is a constant force pulling down on you. jumping doesnt escape that fact.

Does a girl like you if she smiles and looks down when you talk to her even though she is very outgoing to other people?

She might have an eye for you. That is a sign of shyness, and nervousness. She seems sweet. If you like her back, let her know. She will loosen up once you two get to know each other better.