What does it mean when a guy acts nice to you then acts like you don't exist but when you ignore him he doesn't talk to you but whispers to others that you hate him?

It's all about shyness, ribbing from his buddies and peer pressure (jokes and fun being poked at him by other classmates or friends.) Many young men are often shy and they aren't use to dating girls. Instead of playing these games just ask him out to a movie and so his buddies won't give him a rough time give him the opportunity to ask one of his buddies to doubt-date with his girlfriend. This way you are putting the muzzle on this young man's buddies because they probably don't have a girlfriend to ask out. LOL Good luck This means he is very immature and a bad personality if he acts this way don't let it get to you. This means he has attitude and you don't want to get in to it. He may be very annoying and self centered which gives you the right to ignore him. Who cares if he is whispering around to different people at least you don't have to deal with him I'm confused.. Girls actually have crushes on guys?? cause I've been single since the 9th grade I'm in 12th now and I repeated a year. What is that all about. and it's not for lack of trying I get turned down every time I make a move forward