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it means that he wants to be in the relation ship but doesn't want to go any forther at present.


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It can mean many things he likes you needs to no way else is in the world like what other chicks r and could mean he needs sPace from u and if he just doesn't want to hurt your fillings or he could like some other girl and still likes u but wants to see if he can get her it can mean many things it all depends on the way he says it or what words he says before or after or what jr talking about

it means that she needs some space some time to think about things and be with her family and to meet new people.

he wants to think if your the right one for him to be with and to think about the relastionship

i dont know but some 1 needs to answer this

For whatever reason he says it, he needs you to back off. Give him some room for awhile...

it's usually a way of saying that she needs some space and wants to focus on her own needs for a while and worry about being in a relationship some other time.

It could mean he wants to masturbate, look at Porn, or to just have some space. It depends on him.

He's not ready but he likes you. He just needs some time.

When he says "You should go out sometime" that means he's sick and tired of you hanging around him. he needs"Guy Time"

It means that your being too close to him and he needs to get some air. Some times boys and even girls will need their space or that relationship is over. Sorry to say that.

Basically she still loves you, but she can not denie it, perhaps you may not even know the reason for it. Perhaps she is regretting something. she just needs some time to consloe herself.

It means he is upset or confused about something. Ask him if anything is wrong.

She could mean a lot of things...She's bored of you , wants to try someone else! You annoy her more than please her. She's dating another guy and you at the same time but when she has to see him, she tells you she needs some space.Usually when a girl says she needs "space" it could mean one of a few things such as: she may be letting you down nicely as to not hurt you, she has interest in someone else, she may have personal issues she needs to work out, or maybe she wants to see how she still or really feels about you and your relationship but being together isn't helping her.

It means you're ugly but for some reason he still likes you. He can't quite explain it.

She needs time to realize what her wants, needs, likes, and loves are in her life. what she needs to keep and get rid of. if shes asking for some time to herself,i think you should give it to her, and try not to worry. it will make her think and respect you more knowing you respect that she needs some time.

It means that he likes you, but is too shy to confess it right then and there. It means that he needs some time to think about what he is going to say.

and idk what to believe now, cause ive herd from some kids saying that she doesnt want to go back out. but then idk cause she says she still loves me. and she knows im trying my best to fix this. just idk what to do. i guess i shud prolly wait the week then talk about it, just im not 100% sure

Nothing will live in 2012 just because the movie 2012 says some people will live doesn't mean some people will live. PS: In your question you had the word on, but it needs to be in.

Answer If a girl or woman say that to me, I'm gone as that's what they really want but haven't the guts to say so.

Coming from a girl it means she needs space. She needs "me" time. Give her some space then lightly ask her whats up. There is oviously something wrong when a girl says "i need time to think."

well it means that she wants to leave you for a little while.just dont worry if it was meant to be,she will come back

he still loves you but for some reason he just cant bring himself to staying with you any longer.

It means that some says that you owe them money and they have a contract that says this.

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