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What does it mean when a guy stares at you all the time with a serious look on his face?


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December 29, 2009 11:34PM

Guess what?

You are are probaly getting mixed up with the types of stares their are out there ex: across-the room, gazing, glance. Hes just probaly looking directly at you and just thinking about how you feel about him. If a guy is really interested it is a good sign to have that type of face, because he is showing that hes really wants to get to know you better or man! how can i get a girl like that. Hes probaly interested but doesn't know how you feel about him. Now if he is not interested he may have a serious face but usually if his arms are crossed which is sending you a signal that he is not interested. but ask one of your buddys or guys...they know it best

this answer was more in depth then the question just for those who need the advice. :) good luck

if a guy stares at you then he may be showing affection or he might have a crush on you. to make sure plan an activity after school with your friends.if he wants to join it's either he loves the activity or he just wants to spend time with you.