What does it mean when a guy tells you he has a lot on his mind?

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It means, that he needs you to prove how much you are willing to care for him. ensure that you listen to him and offer advice when available. Try not to give up on him or freak out because this may be seen as a break up sign- however I think he just needs you to be there.
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How can you tell if a guy thinks about you a lot?

Answer . logically he will call you a lot. Talk to others about you. sometimes you cant tell because the guy does not want you to know so he would act something different, or would act like he does not care about you that much. IVE BEEN THERE! AHHH, LOVE!

What does it mean if a guy stares at you a lot?

He likes you. (that doesn't mean you have to like him back) Welll it could mean a range of things. He likes you. He is checking you out. Or he wasn't looking at you, but staring blankly in your direction. If he stares at you again, smile and maybe wink if you are confident enough.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you a lot?

it probably means he feels attracted to you or on the other hand he is looking at something/someone behind you:) It probably means he has a crush on you and he is too afraid to admit it.

How do you show a guy that he means a lot to you?

Answer . Well just tell him if he doesnt beileve you then prove it to him do something crazy or tell all your friends bout him dont let any of ur friedns disrespect him and even introduce him to your parents

What does it mean if a guy hugs you a lot?

if he is your boyfriend it means he never wants to let you go unless you want him to. if he is not, that means he either likes you and wants to give you hints. if you like him, hug him back ans ask him if he likes you.

What does it mean if a guy looks at you a lot?

well it doesnt mean much cause a lot of guys stare at me but he might have a crush on you and if he does well try to be yourself and maybe he will fall 4 u It means that he like you, and he is too shy to ask you out. So, you should ask him out. It means that he like you, and he is too shy to ask you ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when someone says they have a lot on their mind?

It means that the person has lots of things they need to ponder [think/research] about and need to focus all their energies and attention to those and would rather the rest of the world stop bugging them. . Answer . It usually means they're worried about something or they have some serious thin ( Full Answer )

How do you tell if a guy have a lot of partners?

Answer. There is no way to know for sure unless he tells you and the same thing can be said of women, there is also no way to tell how many men she has had in her lifetime. As I am sure you are aware, our private parts your vagina and a man's penis don't come with milage guages so there is no real ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy stares at you a lot?

It depends on what kind of stare. If he stares at you with his eyebrows up, he likes you. If he stares at you with his eyebrows down, he's mad at you. If he stares at you with his eyebrows normal, he's probably just daydreaming. But if you like him, don't wait for him to ask you out, ask him out! ( Full Answer )

How can you tell a guy likes you a lot?

There are many signs, and some of them vary 'cuz every guy is different. Some bolder guys will flirt. Shyer ones may stare at their crushes until they notice, then quickly snap their heads in the opposite direction. Often guys will simply act different around the girl they like. It's true that guys ( Full Answer )

What does it means if a guy tells you that his not ready to commit because he has a lot of problems and he is financially broke?

In one way it means that it's time to start looking for someone else, because such problems will obviously take a while to sort out, especially in the present bad economic times. In another way it means precisely what it says - the guy does not want to start a long-term relationship with you, becaus ( Full Answer )

How can you tell a guy is playing mind games with you?

There's no short answer to this. You'll just have to learn more about how people think. Nevertheless, one possibly practical way to figure him out is consistency. If this person is grossly inconsistent about his statements (this excludes the cases when he's just changing his opinions for legitima ( Full Answer )

What does it mean why a guy stares at you a lot?

Usually when a guy stares at you, that means he is interested.or it depends if he looks curious he might want to be friends or more and if he looks disgusted no offense but he might think you look ugly or smell weird. if he looks at you sweetly he might be really interested in you and if he looks at ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy talks to you a lot?

It means there is an interest there. Depending on what you talk about it might be friendly or romantic. If he compliments you on on how you look or is asking about you it is most likely romantic. it could mean he likes you or he could just be a very sociable person it depends on how he talks to you. ( Full Answer )

Why do guys tell you they love you then change there mind?

It can be that they don't know what love is and mistake infatuation for it. They may be just telling you that to tell you what you want to hear to go out with you longer and get in your pants.. Depends on the guy

How can you tell if a guy likes you a lot?

if he treats with lots of respect. he continues to tell u that u deserve the best! when he talks to you he looks at you in your eyes. he doesn't look around and doesn't listens. if he really liked you loved you or cared for you he would do all he can to show. he would open the door for you or let yo ( Full Answer )

If a guy won't tell you who he fancys but trusts you a lot does that mean he fancys you?

I'm a guy so I should be able to answer this. If he trusts that you won't tell anybody who he fancys, but he STILL won't tell you, there's probably a good chance that he fancys you, he's just shy about it. Either that or he doesn't want to tell ANYBODY who he fancys, for risk of getting rejected or ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a guy talks about you a lot does his friends look at you a lot?

If his friends do indeed look at you a lot (in your own words) then I see two possibilities. You may be an attractive looking person and that is the only reason. The other is that if you have and do engage in sexual activity together, he may be making the mistake of telling them how great you are ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy smiles at you a lot?

It could mean something but I suggest from personal experiencesthat you don't get your hopes up sometimes it could mean only afriendly gesture but it could also mean he has an interest

What does it mean when a guy tell you that they think a lot of you?

it probably means that they would like to engage in sexual activities such as: "cranking the shaft, chunking conti, inter-joining spreads, or pulling a 'hank bedonya' or 'sweaty lopez'" if that's not it, you're probably just lying. Orrr, maybe he thinks you have a lot of like-able qualities. I'd ( Full Answer )

Do a lot of girls understand the guy mind?

actually, yes, they do. It's always told that girls wouldn't understand anything if she was stuck hanging out with them a lot, but most girl really do understand most of what happens in a guys mind.

How do you tell someone they mean a lot to you?

Well... its a better way to show them than to tell them 'cause actions speak louder than words. Spend time with him/her and show how u appreciate them for who they are and what they do (it's not always about looks).

What does it mean when a guy tease you a lot?

it either means that he is just a tease, or he is either trying to get some. or he could possibly like you but it is hard to tell 90 percent of the time its because he likes you. The other percent its because he thinks your stupid. Depends if that's all he does is tease you. It means he is just joki ( Full Answer )

What does that mean if a guy is playing mind games with you?

Ok... when someone tells you a guy is playing mind games with you, it's pretty self explanitory... he's playing with your brain, he's making you think things. And most of the time it's not a good thing... Of course it depends on what he's telling you. Sometimes a guy will tell you he loves you and ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if you date a lot of guys?

Well, it could mean you are just looking for a boyfriend. Dating guy after guy is nothing to be proud of. Doing this can cause a lot of drama in your life. When you date a ton of guys it could mean you just need or want someone to love you for you. Friends & family can help you through this. Instead ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy messes with you a lot?

i think its when he plays with your feelings. Another perspective: It depends on "The guy". For some, it means that they are socially immature and don't know how to express their interest in you using a more socially acceptable way. By "messing with you", it allows them to get your attention ( Full Answer )

How can you tell a guy you like him a lot and what do you do or say?

Coming from a guy, I would see how he feels first, maybe try and figuring out if he likes you. If he is a friend and he doesn't like you in that way I wouldn't risk telling him. If he does like you however, just tell him that you also like him but I wouldn't tell him you like him A LOT, at least not ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guys asks you out a lot?

When a guy asks you out a lot it means he is interested enough to get to know you better. If you just like him (not love him at this point in time) give the guy a chance because often healthy relationships that turn into love begins on a friendship basis.

What does it mean when a guy pintch you a lot?

he has a bad manner. He shouldn't be touching or hurting other person by any thing. Please tell him to "stop" this becuase it hurts you. If he doesn't stop hurting you...please leave him.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he does not mind if you kiss him?

It means that he likes you. He would mind if he didn't feel the same way as you did with him. It's a true sign. Kissing is part of a relationship on how you do it. If he is a creepy guy, just look as if you think he is creepy he will tell you a good reason or ask him why he would say such a thing.