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To warn other rabbits of danger.

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Q: What does it mean when a rabbit thumps the groudnd with its back legs?
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How many legs does a rabbit have?

4 legs

Could you put 2 guinea-pigs and 1 rabbit in a hutch?

you can,but the rabbit will kick its back legs and ,possably, kill the guineapigs.

What do dwarf rabbit tracks dwarf rabbit tracks look like?

Well It is sorta big their back legs are. has a photo

Why Is your female rabbit letting you run her back area and touch her back legs and hold her like a baby when she never let you before?

Your rabbit might be poorly or it is getting more used to you.

What is rabbit movement?

A rabbit's movement is like a hop or leap. Sometimes it is almost like a high jump or run!They put their front feet ahead of them and bring their back feet up in front of the front feet and continue this pattern. A rabbit's hind legs and feet are quite strong! When a rabbit hops of of my lap, I can feel; the push of the back legs on my legs. It is interesting! Hope this helped you a lot!

What has caused the rabbits back leg to drag?

Your rabbit probably has a broken back. it causes loss of function in the hind legs followed by lack of bladder control and bowel control. You should probably put the rabbit down before it suffers that much.

Your pet rabbit has just started to drag its back legs what could be the problem?

have the vet check the bunny for diabetes

How does a rabbit move?

a rabbit moves by eating to get energy for his/her legs to jump.

How many feet does rabbits have?

a rabbit has 4 legs 2 at the front 2 at the back love from humaira the bestest in the world

How can you make your rabbit holdable?

by legs

Where is meat on a rabbit?

The saddle and legs.

How bo a rabbit kill a ginepig?

A rabbit can kill a guinea pig just by stretching out its back legs or taking a hop!!! The rabbits legs/ feet are so powerful that they can kill a guinea pig outright!!! Hence why BUNNYS & GUINEAS SHUD NEVER be housed together!