What does it mean when a shy guy always makes you be the one to pursue the relationship and is he being shy or does he not really want to be involved with you if he is 24 and you are 39?


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i speak from experience when i say that a guy who is younger than you an shy, is just trying to play hard to get. he wants you to want him, because he really wants you! you see, an average guy does not want to expose his feelings for you in fear of getting hurt. in some cases the guy will even go out of his way to make you think he isn't interested. he might make fun of you, i know very grade school, but he likes you. GO FOR IT!

AnswerIt either means he is too shy or he is not that interested in you. Either way, do you really want to be the person dragging this relationship along? Make the guys chase you! It is more romantic for you and more fulfilling to them when they've caught you. He also may be intimidated by the age difference? Just a few thoughts. AnswerYou are 39 and your boyfriend is a shy 24 year old. Why is it that being shy he makes me pursue the relationship and is he really being shy or is it because he doesn't want to get involved? AnswerYou are 39 and your boyfriend is a shy 24 year old. Because of his shyness why is it he makes me pursue our relationship; is it because he's shy or he doesn't want to get involved?


AnswerYou are second-guessing your boyfriend. He can't be that shy if he's having a relationship with you. He's very young and you are far more experienced. Some young men think it's just great an older woman would find them attractive and would want to have a relationship with them. As you know young men can be just as fickle as young women and what was good for them in the relationship at one time may not be a few months to a couple of years down the road. He obviously hasn't had a chance to know what he really wants out of life. He may even feel that the relationship is too much pressure and that you want more from him than he can give.

He's the younger one, and you've had more wisdom than him at this point in time, so sit him down and ask what is going on. It's best to get this out in the open now. I know you are fearful of being hurt, but why stay in a relationship you aren't sure about.

Good luckMarcy


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