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She probably wants you back.

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What does it mean to date someone and like someone else?

that your dating someone and you like someone else....

If a guy tells you he likes you then tell someone else he doesnt?

Don't date him. If he's embarrased to say that he likes you, it's not worth it. -ShanzyC:)

What is a stunt person?

someone who does something dangerous for someone else who doesnt want to do it

What does a girl say to say no to a date?

Maybe she doesn't like this guy. Maybe she is with someone ELSE!!! Maybe she is recovering from a recent breakup. Maybe the guy should go and comfort her in case she is sad.

What do you do when someone you like likes someone else?

Tell then how you feel, If that doesnt Work, Move on...

Is it bad to be with someone and you know they have someone else?

You should not date someone when they are with someone else because that means that the person you are with is cheating.

Should you like a girl who like someone else?

you can like her but that doesnt mean that she doesnt like you too

Can flirting cause a couple to breakup?

definatley. if ur boyfriend or girlfriend is flirting with someone else, they will get jealous and end it.

What should you do if you have a boyfriend but he says he doesn't like you?

When your boyfriend does that tell him so what I'll find someone else, we weren't ment to be. Just breakup! No one will get mad at you you'll find someone else.

What do you do if someone you hate likes you?

tell them to get over you and date someone else.

If you love someone else should you date others?

No! Answer If you love someone you don't WANT to date others!

What if your crush doesnt like you?

well try someone else or just do what he likes

What do you do when the girl you love kisses someone else?

she doesnt love you back!! get over it!

Why is my ex is living with someone else?

Because he doesnt have balls and doesnt want responsibility...he wants it it easy, and easy is what he is going to get.

What can you do to get her interested again?

Date someone else in front of her.

What does it mean when a guy is flirting with you but he likes someone else?

It means he wants someone else but is flirting with you as a second resort if the person he likes doesnt like him back

Does your boyfriend still love you even if he doesnt talk to you?

it means he doesnt love you.... or in other words hes attracted to someone else..

What do you do if you are dating someone you don't like and the person you like likes someone else?

never date sombody you dont like. I recommend kinda telling the girl you like that you like her without really saying it. Flirt but dont tell. If she flirts back dump your date, if she doesnt either stick with ur date or move on.

Is there any way to play as someone else in a Team Fortress 2 demo recording?

after your recording you can switch camera angles, but it doesnt allow you to "play as someone else"

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