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theyre gonna mate soon

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Q: What does it mean when parakeets sit next to each other and kiss?
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What does it mean when your parakeets kiss with open mouths?

It means that they love each other, but it isn't kissing its regurgitating seeds and putting them into the other's mouth.

What does it mean when parakeets kiss?

When parakeets kiss?Well I think it's when they are lightly pecking at each others mouth (not aggressively) or when their beaks are touching. lol that's what I'm assuming, but when they are doing the action thenthat means they are in mating mode I THINK. :) good luck Signed. Echub Although it sometimes may look like they are pecking at each other, they are just feeding themselves and showing how they are getting along. If they are male and female they will do this and mate with each other at some point. :) Mystery Girl

What does it mean when parakeets go on top of each other?

if the male goes on top of the female then they are reproducing!

What does making out mean where did it come from?

it means to french kiss, tongue kiss with each-other...

Do red slider kiss and if yes what does it mean?

Yes, all turtles kiss or touch noses when they greet each other. It's the way they say hello and get information about each other. Just like dogs sniffing each others butts.

What does true loves kiss mean?

"True loves kiss" is a kiss between two beings that truly are in love with each other. "What is true love?" is a natural follow up question..

What does it mean when you and a guy lock eyes?

Well, if you like each other it probably means he wants to kiss you.

What does a Scottish kiss mean?

A head-butt. Usually known as a "Glasgow kiss", from the perceived practice of drunken or angry Glaswegians head-butting each other.

Do you love parakeets?

I do like parakeets, but they are very iritating and mean...

What mean by affection in relation?

Holding hands. Sweet kiss on the cheeck instead of a yucky wet one on the lips. Smiling at each other. Complimenting each other on the good things you like about each other. Listening and communicating.

Can you kiss laydies?

if you mean can you kiss ladies - I'm assuming that you are asking can ladies kiss ladies - if i have misread your question - i apologise - yes of course women can kiss other women - sometimes women kiss because they are friends or family members or because they are sharing very happy or sad news & sometimes women kiss because they are in love with each other

Is it normal for married men to rarely kiss?

If you mean "to rarely kiss their wives" then sadly, yes. If you want more kisses, you could take the initiative. Or ask him, if you want to BE kissed. If you mean "to rarely kiss each other" then luckily, yes.

Is Jennete McCurdy perfect for Nathan Kress?

No because even if they faked kiss on icarly, does not mean they're perfect for each other.

What is the word 'bloody kiss' in Japanese?

if you mean bloody as in the swear word it doesn't translate and kiss is kisu but if you have just both smacked each other in the mouth and are bleeding and decide to make up with a kiss then its Chimamire no kisu

What do mean if the guy kiss ur shoulder?

if you mean make out he was trying to get ypu to let him kiss you in other places if it was just a kiss so wat

What does it mean when a guy asks a girl to lick him when playing truth or dare when you did not know each other before?

It simply means to suck his ****. It could also mean to kiss him.

What does it mean when you kiss your best friend in your dream?

A kiss represents affection, as in the familiar Scripture, "Greet one another with a holy kiss," Romans 16:16. Parents, relatives, friends and in many cultures even casual acquaintances kiss each other in greeting or farewells or simply to express affection or approval.

What is an actual first kiss?

It depends what you mean... Either a kiss that came before any other. But the kind of kiss that comes first is usually a kiss on the cheak.

What other Words mean kiss?

A touch of love?

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in love with each other?

I belive not , I mean there actors but they did'nt really kiss they just edited it to make it look like they did

A boy kisses a girl does it mean that he is in love with that girl?

well see your question is a bit tricky...mostly because majority of the time, when boys or girls kiss each other it doesn't necessarily mean that they love each other...It might just mean that they are affectionate about each other and that they care about them. The other thing is you didn't mention whether he french kisses her, or gives her a peck on the cheek or just kisses her hand??? all depends on different kinds of things.....

What does it mean when children ages 4-8 dont like to see their parents kiss or show affection to each other but dont mind getting it from them?

That's normal in my eyes. When I was around that age I thought it was gross to see my parents kiss because its not the same kiss as a child and a parent than it is with parents.

How do bugies eat?

What are bugies? Do you mean budgies, as in parakeets?

What doesd besos mean in spanish?

KissingDarse de besos --- to kiss one to each other

What do you do when your friend says to go out with this girl so you can get your first kiss but you don't like the girl?

You tell your friend that he has no right to pass his girl around in that manner. Don't be so impatient to get your first kiss - the best kisses are from people who mean something to each other.