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He/she wants something. == Just ignore him. He will simply go elsewhere to play games.

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If a boy was always picking on you and all of a sudden he starts acting nice wat does tht mean well not nice but nicer?

that the guy like you duhhh.!

What is a nice word that starts with d?

Disestablishmentarianism If you mean a word for nice, delightful is a possibility.

What is the opposite of mean starting with the letter n?

Nice starts with N and is the opposite of mean.

If a narcissist turns into a malignant narcissist can they loose their charm then act only monotone and passive?

They don't "turn into" a destructive narcissist... they just drop the "nice guy" facade they used to lure you in.

If someone starts with c are they mean or nice?

No one should be judged on the letter their name starts with. And personalities shouldn't be simplified into the categories of just "mean" or "nice". You should get to know the person yourself or get socializing help.

Is it true that sometimes the Narcissist will be extra nice to you just before you're discarded?

There is no rule in these matters - so, no, it is not universally true. It depends on the narcissist in question.

What is a nice word that starts with w?

Wonderful is a nice word that starts with "w".

What word is nice and starts with y?

By "nice", maybe you mean "not nasty" or neutral adjectives that start with "y".yellowyoungyouthful

Does these names mean he likes you huni lovely cutie babe adorable?

Not necessarily, he might just be acting nice.

Nice word that starts with n?


What is the opposite of mean starts with n and end with t and have 4 letters?

The opposite of "mean" is "nice." Perhaps the "t" is incorrect.

Why was Peeta Mellark acting nice and suspicious?

He was acting that way to get the audience to like them.

A word that is nice and starts with t?

A word that means "nice" as in "clean" and starts with a "t" is "tidy."

If a girl of 13 years old is cruel to you then starts acting normal and nice does that mean she likes you?

It could mean she likes you or it could mean she just acts that way to try and act cool. It could have meant that she was testing you to see how you would tolerate what she does. She is still a child at that age and surely still tests boundaries. She could like you or she wants to get on your nerves. or she wants to see how you react to it. It could also be that she is embarrassed to be nice to you if she is nice when talking on the phone chatting or texting, and mean in person... good luck

What does it mean when girls are acting nervous with just you if you do nice things for them as a guy?

maybe it new thing to her that a guy doing a something nice for her . give her time to take it in.later on ask her

What is another word that means kind sweet and beautiful?

Its simple nice. You can be nice looking and nice acting.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is argessive?

It means he's probably insecure. Positive reinforcement helps to cure this, reward him when he's acting nice.

What does it mean when girls are acting like this with just you if you do nice things for them as a guy?

want more attention (more love towards them from the guy)

How does katniss' attitude towards Peeta change?

Peeta is acting to nice and is acting suspicious.

What does Invader Zim do that's evil?

Invader Zim does stuff like... taking over the Earth and trying... well, acting evil and being mean or not nice to the little kids in his school. well, he is kinda mean, but sometimes he is nice. in the second episode, he has a best friend named Keet and he is sometimes nice and sometimes not nice.

What is a nice word that starts with the letter x?

The nice words that starts with x are xylophone, xyloid, xenomi, xylan, and xylem.

How do you act nice?

smile a lot, cut the sarcasm unless it benefits the person you are acting nice to

What is a nice word that starts with N but is not the word nice?

not a bad person

What is a better word for 'nice' that starts with n?


What is a nice word that starts with A for a nice person?

amazing amicable admirable