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Did the condom break or leak? If so, you could be pregnant!

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Q: What does it mean when you dont get your period but you are having safe sex?
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Is it safe to take myra E when having a menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Is it safe to take myra 400 e when having menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Is it safe to take Myra 400 e when having a menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Does having menstruation already mean you are safe from pregnancy?

NO, there's a small, very small, chance that you can still be pregnant if you get your period, however this happens rarely

Can you be pregnant if you bleed after you've had your period?

no you cant be pregnant because that would be your period. but if you are having sex make sure you are having safe sex. If you are not sure that it is you period you should get a test done.

Why don't you get your period on time?

Type your answer here... my period date is 8th july.i dont know when time is my safe time.

Is it possible to be pregnant having safe intercourse and period coming last on 14 th february i had sexual intercourse after my period and my period is three days late?

It depends on what you mean by "safe intercourse." In using any method of birth control there is always a potential of getting pregnant. Nothing is 100% effective except for not having sex. So, yes, there is a possibility that you may be pregnant.

Is it ok to eat your period?

I wouldnt Recomend it, but it is safe, as long as you dont have any vaginal disease. I havent tried it, and i dont plan on it

If you have safe sex while on your period will you get pregnant?

As with all sex, the chances of falling pregnant are lowered when having safe sex. Having your period means the time of menstruation also lowers the chance of falling pregnant. However, there is no guarantee that you will not get pregnant.

If you had your period on the 5th of august 2008 then it stop on the 9th then you had a safe sex on the 10th will you get pregnant?

yes it would be safe well i dont kno

Can you get pregnant after your safe days?

What do you mean by safe days? During your period or before you ovulate? Explain please :)

Is it safe to run while having a period?

no cause blood will leak through your undies its nasty.

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