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Yeh, I get that a lot. Hair grows uncontrollably and I want to howl at the moon and wake up with slaughtered sheep remains in the bedroom.

It really bothers my cats too.


it means you should cut back a bit on the illicit drugs.


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Around the age of twelve, Edison lost almost all his hearing.

Elephants may have great hearing, but I don't think humans have good hearing at all. Almost all animals that aren't humans have 99% better hearing.

Conductive hearing loss can almost always be restored to some degree, if not completely.

Well. what is so special about a bat's hearing is that is very amazing. Bats can almost here everything. I hope this answer helped! ^-^

almost everthing influenced Keith hearing. he drew stuff.he was beaten as a child.o were most of us. suck it up almost everthing influenced Keith hearing. he drew stuff.he was beaten as a child.o were most of us. suck it up almost everthing influenced Keith hearing. he drew stuff.he was beaten as a child.o were most of us. suck it up

Im not completely sure but im almost positive that 20 of the 32 volcanos are or have been active.

Dogs have keen hearing (some breeds more than others) and they are simply hearing something and it's almost like using a radar screen.

Almost all the time but all they really do is eat bamboo. Did you know their jaws are almost as powerful as a chainsaw?

They beep to let you know your program was changed, or that your battery is almost dead.

People with otosclerosis almost never become totally deaf, and will usually be able to hear with a hearing aid or with surgery plus a hearing aid. In older people, the tendency for additional hearing loss is diminished due to the hardening of the bones.

The active voice (which is almost always clearer than the passive voice) would be, "Have you booked the room?"

Today i used a portable belt sander. Being unsmart i used no ear protection. now my hearing is almost as if it needs to be poped and everybody sounds quite. I was exposed about 1hour. WIll after sleeping my hearing recover and have i acquired damage to my eardrums

You could do that but it would not be advised as hearing aids are very delicate instruments and without the proper knowledge you would probably never get it to an optimal range for your hearing. Almost always the audiologist you purchase it from will configure it for you for free, so why not allow them to do it right?

NO! They have bad sight, and are almost blind, but have a very keen sense of smell, and amazingly good hearing.

From an early age, Edison had increasing difficulty in hearing. By his late adulthood, it was almost impossible for him to hear other people speak unless they almost shouted in his ear.

Horses have very good hearing and ears that can rotate almost 180 degrees. The ears also can move independent of each other so he can hear behind him while listening to what is in front of him.

they like to say boo because it is almost like saying boob and they like hearing that stuff

Almost anything that ends in -ing, such as doing, seeing, hearing, cooking, glueing, wooing, ruling, and fueling.

Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius are two examples. Active volcanoes are almost fully exclusive to the Mediterranean countries, belonging mostly to Greece and Italy.

You would have to look up info. for the active which is almost always napthalene or paradichlorobenzine.

sulphonic acid is the active material for almost all synthetic detergents.

Thomas Edison got Scarlet Fever at the age of twelve and almost lost all of his hearing.

Kilauea is the most active volcano in Hawaii. The volcanoes in Hawaii are almost constantly erupting growing the islands. The small underwater volcano Loihi is poised to surface.

The definition of animal action is when animals are in movement. The term action means to move or the state of being active. Animals are almost always in the state of being active.

Contract vary depending on the needs of the service. Almost all contracts are for 6 years, with the amount on active duty and the amount in active reserves varying. Typically it runs 4 years active and 2 reserve, but again, can vary according the the agreement. Talk to your recruiter.

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