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something up with you!

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Q: What does it mean when you have a bump on your vagina?
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What does it mean when you get a bump on your vagina lip after sex?


What does it mean when you have a bump on your vagina lip?

Go and see a doctor.

Does a bump on your vagina mean you have an STD?

Not necessarily, however you should have it checked out by a physician.

What could a bump that looks like a zit on your vagina mean?

it could mean that you shave too often and your skin got sore from the shaving

Can you have a risen bump on your vagina?


A tiny hard bump in the lip of your vagina?


How do you cure a risen bump in your vagina area?

If you have noticed a risen bump in or around the area of your vagina, you should get examined by a doctor. Only when you know the cause will you be able to get a cure for it.

What is a small bump inside your vagina lip?


Can yeast infection cause small bump in vagina?

Yes, it is possible for a yeast infection to cause a small bump in the vagina, but don't assume this is the explanation for anything unusual in your vagina or vulva. Go get checked out by your doctor, especially if you have been sexually active at all.

How do you get rid of hair bumps on your vagina?

Shave the hair in one direction. Do not shave against the direction of hair growth. When you get bump use a solution such a bump stopper to dry up the bumps. Be very careful so that the solution don't get into your vagina. That will be very unpleasant. If you cannot get bump stopper solution use rubbing alcohol. remove the ingrowing hair from the bump with a pin. Again be careful you do not want to cause damage to your vagina. This routine will have to be repeated as long as you continue shaving as there is no known cure for hair bumps especially on the vagina. Good luck

What is this Huge ball kinda bump in my vagina is that canser?

do you mean when you push your fingers up there near top, that is your cervix. It changes shape in hardness, softness, ect... when you are pregant you can feel it.

Sore spot between the butt and vagina area could that be a hair bump?


Is it possible to have bump on your vagina but you have never sex?

Yes - but if you are worried go and have it checked by a Gynecologist

If you have a big bump on your vagina and your not sexually active what is it?

this could be a cyst, and it should be checked out by your doctor!

What could a painful red bump on your vagina come from?

Anything. Get checked out by a doctor to find out

If you have a bump on your vagina and when you pop it it bleeds does it mean you are pregnant?

No. That is not a sign of pregnancy. It sounds more like an STD/STI. Go and see your doctor, and don't have sex until the doctor has said that you can

Is a bump appearing on your vagina normal?

No, a bump appearing on, in, or near your vagina is abnormal and you should see a doctor right away for proper diagnosis and treatment. Unless it's a normal zit or pimple because we can get those all over the body including on the private parts.

Is there supposed to be a big bump right on the inside of your vagina?

The interior of the vagina is different on every woman. Some are smooth, others are textured and bumpy. If the bump is not painful and has not caused any health issues it should be fine. However if you find that it is painful or uncomfortable you should see your OBGYN for an examination.

What does it mean when a pimple like bump is in uterus?

what does it mean when pimple like bump is in uterus

In volleybal what does bump mean?

A bump is a forearm pass

How deep does a penis go into the vagina?

the vagina is usually between 5 or 6 inches long when aroused. a very large penis will bump the cervix and cause discomfort to the female.

What does it mean when your vagina itch and discharge?

It means you have a infection of the vagina.

What if you have a bump on your vagina?

Probably just a zit, you can get them everywhere. Can also be a ingrown hair. They usually go away.

What is it that has an excess yellow discharge and has a bump on the vagina?

That "it" is a freaK. unfortunately there are such humans that walk the earth. * Miss Garton is an example of this.

What does it mean if you have a black spot on your vagina?

What does it mean if you have a black spot on your vagina?

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