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What does it mean when you have one day of slight spotting ten days after period?

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If the 10 days is after your last day of your period: If you have had unprotected intercourse it could be implantation bleeding. You could take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and you don't get your period within a week, retake the test.

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what does it mean when you start spotting 6 days after your period has ended

I have had my monthly period and that lasted 6 days instead of 7 days and started spotting 2weeks after does this mean Iam pregnant?

what does it mean you start to have a light pink discharge after your period

It could still be your period. When I was 18 I got my normal period,then started spotting a few days after.(that had never happened before) Turns out,I was pregnant.So,it's either still your period,or you're pregnant.

it is fairly common. it's called spotting.

not necessarily, it could be just left over blood your last period, but I had some brown spotting about 10 days after my last period, 7 days before my next period, and I found out I was pregnant!

It is very possible. Often, the implantation of the egg into the uterine wall can result in slight bleeding. This could be what is happening in your case.

Dont worry it is your uterus cleaning itself after a period

This could be left over blood from your period, pregnancy related or caused by a UTI.

spotting is less than one pad of blood lasting 1-2 hours. If it lasted two days, it might have been an early period. good luck Joymaker RN

There could be a number of issues. If you are taking birth control it is possible this has stopped your period but may cause slight spotting at times. If you are not taking a birth control that may stop your period you should see a doctor right away.

Nothing. You are just ending the period and that sometimes happens. You will find this happens after PE or when you exercise.

Spotting is normal before your period, it's just the start of your period as the uterine lining starts to shed. You can also get spotting after your period, or mid-cycle spotting around the time of ovulation.

Nothing. Only that you weren't as finished as you thought you were. Don't worry.

Could be an erratic period due to stress or similar factors. Could be you are pregnant (tests are cheap these days). Could be you will be having puppies. :-)

Spotting is just when there are small amounts of blood in your discharge. If this is just before your period then it is likely just the start of your period.

Like your blood is on your underwear while you have your period.

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