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You could have a heat rash.

2006-08-06 22:58:59
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Q: What does it mean when you have red bumps on your lower right buttocks and could it be a staph infection?
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What do bumps down your throat mean?

If you have bumps down your throat and you feel like you have something stuck in your lower throat, it could be a bacterial infection such as pharyngitis or tonsillitis. You should consult your doctor because bacterial infections usually require a course of antibiotics to clear them up.

What causes lower back pain which affects the left buttocks?

Varies. Could be a sprain along you sciatic nerve.

Is it natural for your German Shepherd to have bumps on her lower back?

noo it could be cancer take to the vet!!

What could cause pain in your lower left side?

Bladder infection.

If you have blood in your urine lower right back pain but no infection what is it?

If Your A Woman It Could Be Your Period And A Crap Or Urine Infection

What is a small lump on the lower right side of the lower back right above the buttocks?

It could be anything, but the first thing that comes to mind is a tumor. You should get to a doctor and have it checked out.

If you have bumps on your lower spine?


What causes bumps on the lower back?

You could be feeling your spine. or have a cluster of benign limpomas. More description is needed.

What could be causing lower pain during urination?

A Yeast infection, if your female

Where is a woman's buttocks?

Between her lower back and upper thigh?

Why is it that you have some serious pain in my lower pelvic area?

Its possible You could have a Pelvic infection.

What are symptoms of lower respiratory infection?

How long is recovery from lower respiratory infection

Why does your lower buttocks hurt while pregnant?

Pain in the buttocks during pregnancy can be caused by stretching ligaments and from pressure from the baby's head in the pelvis.

I have a hard boil type knot with no core on the lower part of my back what could this be?

There are many different things that a hard boil type knot with no core on the lower part of the back could be. It could be infection.

Can blood in urine cause lower back pain?

If it is associated with a kidney infection like mine was it could cause pain in lower back

Your mini dachshund is 13 yrs old and has skin irratation would eucalyptus oil be helpful?

She has bumps and is always licking on her lower bottom under. She also is prone to ear infection and allerges.

Do you have a cervicitis infection when both the lower part of your back and the ovary part of the front are both painfully hurting or is it a kidney infection?

It could be anything, go to the doctor.

What does it mean when you have sharp sever pains in your lower vaginal area?

You could possibly have an infection, probably urinary tract infection, or if your sexually active, you may have an STD.

Why is my Boer goat coughing often is it sick?

It could have an upper or lower respiratory tract infection. It could have lung worm or cheesy gland infection. Or the feed being fed could be very dusty and irritable to your goats throat.

What causes throbbing back pain on the lower right side?

Could be Kidney infection? Just a suggestion

What could cause lower right burning sensation in abdomen?

kidney stone, pulled adhesions, infection

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?

could be related to a urinary tract infection.

Could a yeast infection cause cramps in your lower stomach and legs?

Hello - No a yeast infection will not cause this but a period or a approaching period can and so will a pulled or strained muscle.

What does it mean if you are having lower back pains and side pains an the lower part of your stomach?

This could be a kidney infection and needs to be evaluated by your doctor or midwife ASAP.

Why does your sides and lower back keep bothering you?

well it could be a pulled muscle or a kidney your dr.