What does it mean when you have sharp chest pains and your ring and pinky want to go numb?

I don't know about the chest pains and wouldsuggest that you seek medical advice about this as it could be heart related. as for the numbness in the pinkie and ring fingers you may have some pressure being exerted somewhere on the ulna nerve, (Ulnar Nerve Entrapment ) this can happen in the Neck, elbow or in the wrist and is often the result of inflammation or rheumatic damage to the elbow joint. This nerve controls feeling and movement to Half of the ring finger on the pinkie side, the pinkie and the area on the hand above them leading to the wrist. untreated this condition can lead to serous damage to both the nerve and cause atrophy in the affected muscles. Find out more about this condition In the related link below( Ulnar Nerve Entrapment )as for chest pains, the related link ( chest pain) may also prove usefull to you.