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This means you are having an irregular period. If you are on Birth Control or sexual active this is actual normal but can also mean you are pregnant. Go to your doctor only they can tell you for sure. Very often spotting between periods is caused by a lot of stress. Your body is responding to something so have yourself checked and don't be afraid. It's very likely that it will be just stress related.

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Q: What does it mean when you have your period and in the same month you start to spot what does that mean?
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What does it mean when you have your period twice in one month?

what does it mean when you have your period twice in the same month?

I came on my period two times in the same month what does that mean?

my period came 2 time in the same month

What does it mean when you spot blood the day before your period?

That is your period starting. it does not start on the same day every month year after year. It starts with spotting for many.

Do you start youre period the same time every month when youre on birth control?


When you get on birth control what will it do to your period?

usually you will start the pill the Sunday after your period begins. this will regulate your period so you will get it about the same time each month

Can you get your period on the same day every month?

Yes it is possible to have you period on the same day every month

Will you have your period the same day every month?

I have my period the 16th of every month

Does your period start the first day of every month?

No, it can start at any time. You might have thought your period starts on the first of each month because periods are "monthly," but this just means that the average woman gets their period every 28 days. Once you get your first period, it will take about a year for it to regulate. Once it does, you will get a period around the same time each month, or you will have about the same number of days between each one.

Could you be pregnant if you had your period at the start of the month and then got on the patch for only two weeks and had unprotected sex and got your period again the same month but not this monoth?

Have you had unprotected sex since your last period? Then it is possible you are pregnant.

Two period in the same month?

It's pretty normal for younger people. It could just mean that your period is reseting itself.

If you just started your period and want to skip it for the month can you take start the pill the same day you got your period will it stop it?

You can try, and doing so might stop your period.

If your period comes every 30 days and your period starts the 6th of each month then when would you ovulate?

From much reading and research, i have learned that if your periods are regular and you start your period around the same time each month, you can expect to conceive 10 to 15 days after the first day of your menstrual period. For you that would mean that conception would most likely occur between the 16th and the 21st of the month. Hope this information is helpful..

What does it mean to get your period 2 weeks early?

If your period doesn't always come at the same time each month, it can change even if you've had it the same time all year round.

Can you conceive and have a period in the same month?

Yes you can. I did.

Is it normal to start your period And stop the same day?

Is it normal to start your period and stop the same day

Will my period start at the same time every month?

yes and no. it all depends on your body. some people have it on the same time every month and some people start it at different dadys every month. like a week earlier, later, 2 weeks later. because of stress, diet, excercise.

Is it ok to be done with one pack of birth control and start a sencond one in the same month?

Yes, but you should leave a week's gap at least once a month for a period.

What is a calendar month?

A calendar month is a period of time from the date of one month to the same date of the next month.

Will your period be the same a month after you stop taking birth control?

I am not entirely sure what you mean by it 'being the same' but if you mean will it come at the same time then more or less yes because if you start taking it the Sunday after your period it should come around the same time as the previous month. If you are referring to the flow of your period then not necessarily. Birth control can significantly reduce the uncomfortable symptoms you experience during your period AND make your flow a lot lighter and shorter. Also, you may not even have a period after taking birth control. This does not necessarily mean you are pregnant but if you miss two periods in a row you should take a pregnancy test and stop taking birth control until it has been decided you are not pregnant.

If your period is 26 days and the last period was 3 nov 2007 when is your next period?

If you mean that your last period started on the third then the next one would be due on the 29th IF it remains at a 26 day cycle. Cycles are not always exactly the same from month to month. Start counting the days from the first day of your period. Don't include the first day of the next one when it comes as that is day 1 of your next cycle.

How long does lunar eclipse come?

It happens every month, but that does not mean in the same place. Lunar eclipses happen twice a year in a 1-2 month period.

Can you be pregnant if you had your period twice in the same month?


What if you stop taking pills after your period last month then had sex this month without protection and no pills and you miss your period then on the same day you start taking the pills not the morn?

You're probably pregnant, and no amount of birth control is going to reverse it.

Does your period always start at the same time of the month once you stop using birth control?

You will likely go back to the pattern you had before.

If your period is light and different does that mean your pregnant?

possibly, but highly unlikely! You period will not always be exactly the same. It will not always come right on time, it may take a month off.