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It could be what's called 'breakthrough bleeding'. This is common when you first start taking the pill but should be investigated by your Doctor if you have been on the pill for a while or if it happens regularly.

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A girl can get pregnant on any day of her 28-day cycle, even on her period.

This is normal & is caused by doubling up your BC dose after missing one pill.

what does it meam when you have a one day period that is very light while on the mini pill

not trying to scare you but take a pregnancy test, this sounds familiar

If you have missed your pill the day before, you should only take the missed pill as soon as you remember, and today's pill at the usual time, as directed in the FDA insert that came with your birth control pills.

When you say pill, do you mean the normal contraceptive pill, or the morning after pill? If normal one so long as you have taken it regulary as prescribed you will be fine. If you have only just started taking it, i.e in last week or so, then it is still risky. The morning after pill is the best option in this case and is quite reliable.

It depends on the type.The Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill lasts between 1 and 4 days.The Progestogen-Only Pill or Progestin-Only Pilllasts a day.Ormeloxifene or Centchroman last a month but is less widely used.

If you take the pill only after you have intercourse the pill will have no effect!! only if you take the pill how it is instructed and daily at the same time every day then will it work! one slip up and it could course you a problem.

i have never started the pill while on my period i started it the day after.. but if its a new pill that you are starting your body might just begetting used to it, somrtimes it just takes a couple mouths for it to work perfectly. or you can ask your doctor bc the pill you are or might not be the right one for you.

Hi Your question is: Are you protected on your 7 day break on the contraceptive pill? Providing you have been on the pill for over one month, then you are protected against pregnancy but if you miss a pill you will not be protected. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of your Doctors.

Start your new pack a day earlier so that you don't go more than seven days without an active pill.

You should not get pregnant at all if you are on the pill; hoever, nothing is 100% and the birth control pill is only about 99% effective. I have had a few patients that have gotten pregnant whilst taking the pill. (I'm a doctor)

You may be pregnant or on a birth control pill/needle

With the progestin-only pill or minipill, you have to use a backup method for 72 hours if you take the pill more than three hours late. The progestin only pills, like Cerazette, Errin, and Micronor, are much less forgiving of irregular pill-taking habits.

Most gynos will tell you to take the missed pill with your normal pill the next night, and that if you had unprotected sex the day you missed the pill, that you should consider a precautionary medication like Plan B.

If by "the pill" you mean birth control, it can prevent pregnancy from occurring if it is taken every single day at the same time.

Take a pill from spare pack or take pills as normal and start your pill free week a day early.Make sure you are still only 7 days without taking a pill though!8days+ and things get risky...

No, as it will stop your period and you will have terrible pains, you can only start taking them when your off, and you have to do that till you stop taking the pill or you won't have your periods.

It is the sugar pill that comes with birth control. It's the time in which you're not taking the hormones that the birth control gives you. They're only there to keep you in the routine of taking a pill every day, and have no effect. It is the sugar pill that comes with birth control. It's the time in which you're not taking the hormones that the birth control gives you. They're only there to keep you in the routine of taking a pill every day, and have no effect.

Then you will begin ovulating again, and there is a chance of pregnancy if you are having sexual intercourse. The pill only works if taken every day as prescribed.

No, if you are asking if taking a pill you haven't been taking will stop your period. The only way the pill works is if you take it every day for 28 days. Otherwise you can get pregnant .

This sometimes happens and is nothing to worry about. It's called break-through bleeding. This usually occurs when you miss a pill.

Im assuming you're talking about missing a day of the pill. All you need to do is take the pill as soon as possible, along with the pill you are supposed to take today (so its possible to take 2 pills on the same day). However, if you missed the pill say a week ago, you will need to talk to your doctor. Missing a day of birth control wont mean you are going to get pregnant for sure, but it does increase your chances.

Normally you should start the day or day after you take the first placebo pill.