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Hi, This is most likely caused by a milk duct infection or by too much progesterone. You need to see your doctor for a blood test and breast exam. It is most likely nothing to worry about though as many women never completely dry up after having a child.

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When one drinks alcohol, he has to urinate more then usual because alcohol is dehydratating. More fluids are excreted then usual so you have to urinate more when drinking alcohol.

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Does it hurt to urinate when you are pregnant?

Nope! It doesn't hurt anymore than usual (ie when you are not pregnant). Pregnant women however are more prone to bladder infections. If it hurts to urinate, see a doctor as you have an infection.

Earliest signs of pregnancy before you miss your period?

The usual signs of being pregnant are nausea, cramps , change of the nipples.

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Why have your nipples been sore for two to three weeks and this is not a usual side effect of you going to get your period?

If you don't get your next period, take a pregnancy test

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